Hollywood Bribe Means More ObamaCare on TV



Faced with mounting criticism and an abysmal online registration process, ObamaCare proponents are willing to try anything to turn the public sentiment around.

Hollywood represents a natural ally in this effort, considering the rampant leftism that controls the entertainment industry and the huge audiences television reaches on any given day. As such, a group in favor of the socialized medicine law have set aside a half-million dollars to further the cause.

The California Endowment and the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center’s Hollywood Health & Society hopes to “help TV writers better tell stories about the new health care insurance law” with the infusion of money.

One could predict these “stories” will not chronicle the massive layoffs, skyrocketing premiums, and inoperable website associated with the unpopular legislation.

Norman Lear Center Director Marty Kaplan admitted the scheme is designed to propagandize audiences.

“Even if [viewers] know it is fiction, … especially in the realm of medicine and public health, if a doctor says something to a patient, people tend to think that someone has checked,” he explained.

Most people tune in to television as an escape from the drudgeries and annoyances of everyday life. Apparently, such diversion will be impossible in the near future.

According to Healthy California Vice President Daniel Zingale, Hollywood Health & Society will be supplying nearly everything but the cameras in the push to make Hollywood even more beholden to the radical left.

“They’ll be giving them content, storylines, information,” he explained, “so that people watching these programs will learn about ObamaCare and useful information about how to get enrolled.”


Since the vast majority of the law’s supporters receive the bulk of their “news” via entertainment programs, this is a perfect method to reach the faithful. This grant provides for even more talking points and misleading claims sure to thrill the woefully uninformed.

For the rest of us, such bribery should be taken as a call to speak out even more fervently against the uprooting of America’s once-great system of healthcare.


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  1. Obamacare propaganda

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    These Hollyweed producers and actors/actresses must take the public for some real stupid people not to see that they are pushing Obuttholecare.We the public are suppose to believe people who can't do real work are such authorities on healthcare.

  3. jeff melton says:

    The solution is simple boycott all of these liberal idiots.

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