Holder Defrauds Supreme Court

Eric Holder 14 SC Holder Defrauds Supreme Court

In yet another testament to the corrupt if inventive workings of the liberal mind, Attorney General Eric Holder recently decided to defraud the United States Supreme Court in the hope of preventing sections of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) being ruled unconstitutional.

Section 5 of the VRA requires 9 Southern states and a number of jurisdictions in 7 others—all charged with a history of voting rights abuses–to obtain “preclearance” from the DOJ or the District Court of DC before making any changes to state election policies or procedures. Passed into law in 1965, Section 5 was enacted as an “emergency provision” designed to “promote full access to the voting process” and expire in 5 years.

But now, nearly 5 decades later, Section 5 has become the darling of Civil Rights groups, the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, and liberal bureaucrats throughout the federal government as it has been inexorably extended and amended into a sacrosanct behemoth that virtually guarantees  “election success for certain candidates chosen by certain racial groups.”

It was the Justice Department’s dishonest use of Section 5 that prevented the implementation of Voter ID laws in Texas and South Carolina prior to the 2012 election. In fact, Holder and the Civil Rights Division blocked both laws from taking effect even though the changes proposed by the 2 states were patterned after the Indiana Voter ID law ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court in 2009.

Of course the Department’s behavior should surprise no one, for Section 5 frankly BEGS to be misused by the Democrat Party. After all, it provides a means of accomplishing voter fraud, something that has worked to the benefit of the Party for 6 decades and more. A case in point: Mitt Romney won every state in which Voter ID laws were in effect.

But then something happened. In 2009, the Supreme Court came very close to striking down Section 5 as Justices Kennedy and Scalia lambasted that portion of the VRA, which both believed to be outdated, harmful, and quite probably unconstitutional. And though the Court wrote a VERY narrow ruling allowing Section 5 to escape unscathed in the Northwest case before it, the die had been cast, and the DOJ knew it had to take action in order to maintain its stranglehold on 9 states.

States subject to Section 5 provisions may seek an exemption from DOJ oversight in the form of a “bailout.” This involves satisfying a prescribed list of rigorous requirements in the text of the VRA itself. Once satisfied, Section 5 provisions no longer apply, and the state may initiate the change to its election law.

For years, the DOJ had deliberately made the bailout process virtually impossible to negotiate, even threatening states that dared make the attempt.  But as the Supreme Court had gone to great lengths to grant a bailout in the 2009 Northwest case, the Holder Justice Department decided that bailouts might be the key to salvaging Section 5.

As former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams explains it:

Because the Roberts court bent the language of the statute to permit a bailout in 2009, DOJ now thinks a flurry of bailouts, some of them obtained improperly, will convince the Supreme Court that Section 5 is not much of a burden and should survive. Cranking out as many bailouts as possible is the deliberate DOJ strategy to convince Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy that Section 5 should survive because it really isn’t a heavy burden.

In short, Eric Holder decided to SCAM the Supreme Court, as the DOJ has gone from making bailouts impossible to obtain to literally soliciting states and jurisdictions, telling them now is the time to get the bailout of their dreams!  And as Adams says, it is Holder’s hope that, upon finding the bailout procedure working so well and bailouts so easy to obtain, the Court will decide that Section 5 requirements may remain in force.

The Supreme Court has disappointed the American people on any number of occasions, the most recent being the ludicrous ruling by John Roberts on ObamaCare. We can only pray the 5 Court “conservatives” will not betray the public once again by allowing Section 5 to remain in force.

Photo Credit: mira (on the wall) (Creative Commons)

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  1. holder has his head stuck so far up obamas butt a sherman tank couldnt pull it out, holder is liar just like obama & peloski &, a bunch of hypocrites inthe white house you cant trust them

  2. Holder and his boss the Dictator are BOTH frauds and should be removed from respective post

  3. upaces88 says:

    This guy is great….unfortunately, we have a history of tyrants taking over countries, ie, Germany, etc.
    He is right. Obama is NOT a leader. He is a tyrant. He has skirted around doing everything the "right way" according to OUR laws.

  4. HOLDER MUST, NOT might, NOT should but ABSOLUTELY MUST be Impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED!!!! For TREASON, SEDITION, MURDER and many other CRIMES!!!

  5. I would like to know why he isn't in prison for running guns under obama's order's this isn't the first time he has been in a murder situation, back in the '80's he was in some kind of crap, maybe waco, why in the hell did he pick new haven CT. to preach about gun control of all the other states and then all those children were killed under Lanza, a mental retard. mmm, something smells fishie, how about the theater, that guy looked a little whacked out on something himself, koolaide maybe. just to close to be 2 freaking idiots that just wanted to kill.

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