Holder Claims Public Schools Are Racist

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There is little argument that America’s public school system is in dire need of a massive overhaul. Outrageous overreactions to any politically incorrect speech and heavily biased curriculum have effectively turned schools into leftist indoctrination camps.

Instead of focusing on these pressing issues, however, Attorney General Eric Holder recently criticized America’s schools for the only crime he seems to be able to recognize: racism.

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In a collection of guidelines the American Civil Liberties Union heralded as “groundbreaking,” Holder explained Wednesday that he believes changes are needed to combat unfair punishments carried out against minority students.

“A routine school disciplinary infraction should land a student in the principal’s office,” he asserted, “not in a police precinct.”

He criticized policies that involve law enforcement in serious offenses – such as carrying a weapon – committed at school.

Holder and other leftist activists have decried the fact that a disproportionately high percentage of black students find themselves in trouble at school. As with the high percentage of blacks in prison, though, he disregards the possibility that more members of that community engage in criminal behavior.

Instead of attempting to address the root cause, he instead presented a list of recommendations with the end result of limiting student discipline. The racial aspect was explored in greater detail in a letter sent by the Departments of Justice and Education to schools.

Citing “our investigations,” the letter contends “African-American students were disciplined more harshly and more frequently because of their race than similarly situated white students.”

In conclusion, the letter asserted that “racial discrimination in school discipline is a real problem.”

This administration is dedicated to exploiting and inventing charges of racism in an effort to discredit Obama’s opponents. Issuing guidelines designed to make it more difficult to discipline minorities will only exacerbate the underlying racial discord already at play in this nation.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. looneytoonsindville says:

    Holder is a racist. He discriminated against whites when he quashed the investigation of voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers at a polling station in Maryland. It was a prima facie case but he quashed it. He is a coward, bigot & racist!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Holder is a joke before he calls anybody a racist he should look in the mirror.Between him and Obutthole I don't know who is the bigger racist.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Please sign both the articles petition AND this petition for Holder's Resignation & Prosecution 1,138,969 Letters and Emails Sent So Far!!! http://act.theteaparty.net/5273/prosecute-eric-ho
    What is the Mission Statement for the Department of Justice: To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; To ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; To provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; To seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and To ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans. Holder makes a mockery of this mission statement every day.
    The actions of Department of Justice (DOJ, the most thoroughly political and scrupulously biased Department in the nation’s history) under Holder are not just incompetent and slimy, they threaten the very rule of law in our nation. Congress make the laws, Holder was nominated to help enforce those laws. Rather than running his office as a servant to the American people with deep respect for the laws that he is supposed to enforce, holder runs the DOJ like the enforcement wing of a mafia organization. He acts as Obama’s personal attorney and hit man, doing whatever is necessary to protect him and ‘the family', even if it means unlawful acts. He doesn’t have a right to break the law; his job is to ensure rights of the people, not to strip them away. He is appointed to magnify the law against crime, he has instead repeatedly magnified crime against the law. America has seen a number of egregious and unlawful acts by the man who is supposed to serve as the main legal advisor to the United States government. Instead, holder uses his office as a weapon to push Obama’s radical, unconstitutional agenda and to punish those who disagree with Obama.
    We have witnessed a refusal to prosecute Wall Street executives for the fraud that destroyed the economy. Also a refusal to prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation. Also a refusal to protect voting integrity by fighting against a fair voter ID system. We have seen the loss of life, including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, with the gun running operation Fast and Furious. We have heard Holder state that citizenship to illegals is a ‘civil right’. We have seen Holder protect the NSA. We have heard Holder committing perjury multiple times in front of Congress. We have seen Holder protect the outright bias of the IRS against conservative groups, which will never be corrected, thus giving strong support for disabolishing the entire $13 billion department with a fair tax that would only take 10 minutes to fill out. Holder, issued secret subpoenas to spy on members of the Press. The First Amendment doesn’t request the fed to respect it; it demands it, and thus he has trampled on the First Amendment and failed in his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. Because Holder has so egregiously violated the public trust, Obama should ask for his immediate resignation. If Obama does not, the message will be unmistakable: Obama believes he is above the Constitution and does not respect the role of a free press.”
    These most recent illegal acts by Holder’s DOJ is so incredibly tyrannical and unconstitutional that should be the final straw for his removal from office! It is OUR responsibility to uphold the laws of our republic and hold our public servants to their oaths of office to uphold and defend the Constitution. He is permitting the DOJ to trample on the First Amendment and he has failed in his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. The very rule of law is at stake and the credibility of every law enforcement officer in the U.S. If our top law enforcement agency refuses to follow the law, there is no rule of law, and this is no longer America.

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