Holder Announces Plans To Sue North Carolina

Eric Holder 13 SC 300x199 Holder announces plans to sue North Carolina

North Carolina is the latest target in the Obama regime’s mission of suing as many ostensibly sovereign states as possible. Attorney General Eric Holder announced plans to seek legal action against the state based on new voter identification laws.

While state leaders and residents overwhelmingly favor plans to ensure votes cast in a particular election are legitimate, Holder naturally assumes the real driving force is institutional racism.

“Allowing limits on voting rights that disproportionately exclude minority voters would be inconsistent with our ideals as a nation,” he said during a Monday morning press conference.

His harsh criticism stems from laws that would reduce the period of early voting while requiring voters present valid identifications at polling places.

Calling voter fraud “something that is made up,” Holder then proceeds to invent his own narrative, which apparently includes the belief his race is incapable of either obtaining an ID or casting a ballot during a somewhat shorter voting period.

Holder claims his lawsuit will “show that [the laws] were discriminatory in both intent and impact,” which marks the first time the Justice Department has attempted to make that claim prior to an election, and stands in contrast to a recent Supreme Court decision.

The high court decided in June that states can enact voter ID laws without the pre-clearance of the federal government.

Gov. Pat McCrory recently explained why he supports the new laws, which also pokes even more holes in claims of discrimination.

“You need photo ID to board an airplane, to cash a check, and even to apply for most government benefits,” he explained, adding the “right to vote deserves similar protection.”

McCrory is precisely correct in asserting proper identification is a prerequisite for nearly any significant transaction. The left’s laser-like focus on voting alone suggests an ulterior motive.

Perhaps Democrats hope an increase in “made up” voter fraud will help elect even more Marxist politicians despite the widespread disapproval of the one currently in the White House. As with most leftist accusations, Holder’s cries of racism merely serve as a thin veil concealing an intellectually dishonest position.

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