His Own Daughter’s Graphic HBO Sex Scenes Fill Brian Williams With “unmitigated Joy”

Knightly News Brian WIlliams Obama SC His own daughter’s graphic HBO sex scenes fill Brian Williams with “unmitigated joy”

Seeing his own daughter starring in HBO’s latest bouquet to debauchery “Girls” excites media Democrat propagandist Brian Williams.  NBC’s Baghdad Bob says the scenes featuring his daughter Allison arranging an abortion for a friend and casually slipping into her bathroom to masturbate fill him with “unmitigated joy.”

Because “Girls” is a classic representation of the liberal world view, it is the new darling of those who are paid to tell us we are somehow weird because we try to live by God’s laws instead by what would be praised on TMZ.

“Girls” rigidly sticks a plot line that liberals like Williams can be proud of. It’s a peek at the world as seen by miserable idle young women whose world centers south of their belly buttons.  Critically praised for its “awkward honesty,” it actually stubbles onto the “what now” truth of post-college life under the very regime the senior Williams works so hard to sell us on each night.

The show has been hatched by Lena Dunham. She is a feminist whose liberal credentials are impeccable enough for her to claim to be “the voice of a generation.” Of course, it doesn’t occur to either Ms. Dunham or the Williams’ that if this was truly the case, there would be little need for the graphic nudity and drug use it shows us as emblematic of her generation – which it is not.

What must have Papa Williams bursting with pride are the story lines for future episodes of this liberal’s dream.  In one installment, the amoral characters deal with the question of how to abort the child of a sophisticated British friend – notice liberals are in love with British accents.

“Girls” offers support to the liberals who see their secular “sacrament” abortion being roundly rejected by the white sisters they identify with – liberals don’t care about genocides accomplished with forceps, just the ones halfway around the world they can blame on “right wing” dictators.

“Girls” will last for a while. Shows like this that claim to depict the “real” world and mock conservatives who tend to stay on the air as “statements,” even if they lose money because nobody watches them.  But eventually faced with the truth that Americans are tired of being told up is really down, good is really bad, and liberalism is the natural state of the world, it will fail and go away.

Brian Williams will have to leer at someone else’s daughter arranging a friend’s abortion to “prove” it is a woman’s right.

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  1. deepizzaguy says:

    Brian Williams is one sick man.

    • Clayton says:

      Boy you got that right.. What else does his "daughter" get herself into.. Hummm.. more that one guy at a time? That aught to please her dad.. Sick. sick sick..

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        You have to wonder if he watched her masturbate at home or did he have to wit till she got on HBO.I agree he is one sick Dude.

  2. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    eeeewwww, he is disgusting. nice role model he is for his daughter, or must have been, otherwise, he’d be dying of embarrassment instead. that’s just disgusting.

  3. This is one sick and twisted f*ck!

  4. He should go back to Canada where he came from. Do we or don't we still have free speech. Of course, Williams is a reader of the news….that makes him really a smart guy.

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