Hillary Might Need To Hire A Therapist After She Sees These New Poll Results

Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Rodham Clinton

A series of hurdles – some self-imposed – over the past few weeks seem to have made Hillary Clinton’s all-but-guaranteed presidential candidacy somewhat less certain.

The public’s lackluster response to her latest book and comments that made her appear out of touch with the middle class have defined her fledgling campaign lately. A new YouGov poll indicates that negative press might have taken its toll on her popularity as a potential POTUS.

In a similar survey near the beginning of June, about three in four Democrats said they wanted her to seek the White House in 2016. A total of 42 percent of the overall public voiced the same sentiment.

About a month later, however, a significant drop – exclusively among the Democrats who would ostensibly vote for her – pushed that number down.

More than 30 percent of Democrats now report that they do not want to see a Hillary candidacy. While her support among Independents and Republicans actually rose slightly – to 34 and 14 percent, respectively – approval of her candidacy dipped to just 39 percent in the latest incarnation of the poll.

Expounding on Clinton’s recent claims that she struggled to make ends meet even after leaving the White House in 2001, the poll also asked respondents to determine which social class in which they believe she belongs.

It is clear most Americans feel she benefitted from her husband’s presidency as 75 percent of respondents place her in the most affluent social class, compared to just one-third who said she was wealthy prior to Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory.

Furthermore, it seems a large number of Americans believe Clinton really is oblivious to the plight of middle-class citizens.

Among the population as a whole, 44 percent say she does not understand the problems these working Americans face while just 38 percent believe she does. Among the actual middle class, households making between $40,000 and $100,000 per year, that disparity is even more pronounced.

She is deemed out of touch by those in this segment by a margin of 49 to 34 percent.

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