After Hillary Picked THIS As Her “Biggest Influence”, Social Media Exploded In Mockery

Many believe a 2016 presidential bid by Hillary Clinton is all but inevitable. With her recent increase in media exposure, the former first lady seems to be adding credibility to those assumptions.

Of course, the fledgling campaign has hit a few roadblocks this month – including an interview with Diane Sawyer last week that led to widespread criticism. An answer she gave during a New York Times interview published Sunday has resulted in similar backlash.

In its Sunday Book Review, the newspaper asked Clinton a series of literature-based questions. One of the inquiries sought to determine the one book that made her who she is today.

“At the risk of appearing predictable,” she responded, “the Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking.”

Clinton noted that she was “raised reading it” and had memorized many of its passages. She contended that the Bible has guided her throughout her life.

“I still find it a source of wisdom, comfort and encouragement,” she concluded.

Many who believe the values she has embraced as a public figure contradict God’s Word took to social media to express their incredulity.

One pro-Hillary group attempted to capitalize on her comment with a Twitter post. Judging from the responses it received, however, the mission was a failure.

The response seems to have also backfired among nonbelievers who might have otherwise been inclined to support her.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. Hillary Clinton Hell-bound lying feminist baby killer traditional marriage hater married to Billy still because she loves money and he's rich otherwise this nazi bitch would have divorced him 20 years ago! The Bible is not for devil murderers and liars.(even before Congress like you) Fickle evil feminist liar!

  2. And why, if I may ask, did not the person doing the interview, ask Madam Hillary what her favorite passage was that held her in such thrall in the Bible?
    Hmmm, it seems that some of these supposed unbiased folk, really carry water for a certain class of political liars at every occasion….
    Does anybody remember Vince Foster and what happened when he decided to leave the administration and go back to being a lawyer in Arkansas…. The Clintons went to Hawaii on a mini vacation over the weekend, Bill Clinton left Hawaii early and met the new Governor of Arkansas in Seattle, to maybe get their stories firmed up. That would be Jim Guy Tucker…. and Vince Foster was busy getting murdered so his body could be dumped in Marcy Park…. Where was Web Hubble during this time???? He met with Foster in Delmarva to try to talk him out of leaving the administration – to no avail…. Then Vince was dead!!! Hmmm, the Bible is such a fine influence on Hillary!!!! And who was in charge of cleaning out all of the papers from Vince's office??? Can you say 'Hillary'. And for the next seven years the papers that were lost remained lost… They then should up on a table in the WH after the statute of limitations ran out…. The Bible sure has guided the Clintons throughout their lives…. Oh, those passages she memorized……

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I didn't realize the devil could pick up the bible without going up in smoke.To have this fat ugly lezzie say her big influence is the bible is a joke.I'll bet this bitch hasn't even gone to church up until now so the public can see what a church lady she is.I'll bet Slick is still trying to prong anything with a hole being the religious man he is.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Clinton’s proudest accomplishment was that she knew what was going on in Benghazi since during the first Annex attack she gave a statement saying it was a video at 10/4:32p/am, but the second Annex attack (with mortars) started at 11/5:15p/am. Clinton can not be trusted with any of her State Department and her Benghazi lies. She is a monster spitting in the faces of hero families and lying about a video to them. She has blood on her hands. From… Killery body count is more than 75! If she ever asked Jesus for forgiveness, even he would turn the other cheek.

  5. And killary, hag of hell, what "bible" is it you read? The quran delivered directly by hell?

  6. evermoregiveusthisbread says:

    Billery Clinton said the Bible had the biggest influence on her. The big question is what Bible? Is she talking about the Koran? I don't think she uses the same Bible we do.

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