Hillary Coined Obama’s Healthcare Lie

Photo Credit: Aaron Webb Creative Commons

Perhaps more than any other misstep he has made in the past five years, Barack Obama’s provably false claim regarding his healthcare claim has done significant damage to his already faltering credibility.

After telling a skeptics across the U.S. they could keep their existing policies even after ObamaCare was implemented, millions of cancellation notices began flooding mailboxes from coast to coast. Caught in an unavoidable lie, Obama and his handlers have tried desperately over the past several weeks to mitigate the disaster.

Among his current critics, many are former supporters in the Democrat Party. Last week, Bill Clinton even weighed in, imploring Obama to do whatever it takes to stay true to his word.

Perhaps the former president should have the same conversation with his wife, who is clearly poised to engage in her second White House bid in 2016. As a prospective candidate in the 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to once again tout her healthcare plan.

Though Americans overwhelmingly rejected her proposals during her husband’s presidency more than a decade earlier, healthcare reform was a major issue in the months leading up to Obama’s ultimate selection as the Democrat’s nominee.

Images captured from Hillary’s campaign website in 2007 clearly show she was on board with Obama’s infamous false promise before even he was.

“If you have a plan you like, you keep it,” the healthcare-related portion of the site reads, almost a word-for-word quote of Obama’s subsequent lie.

As the 2016 election cycle draws near, conservative watchdogs in the alternative media will remain busy digging up the skeletons Hillary Clinton is relying on the mainstream media to keep buried. In addition to the obvious scandals – i.e. her inept handling of the Benghazi attack – this revelation will force her to answer for her role in the healthcare debacle.

No matter how hard she tries to distance herself from his failed administration, there is no denying the fact that Hillary Clinton wants to take America down a frighteningly similar path as Obama.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Aaron Webb Creative Commons

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    To get Hitlary the Benghazi killer out from running is for her to have a massive heart attack.She faked that illness when she was asked to apper before Issas committee.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Edward,
      Now that Obama's ship is sinking the rats are jumping off, no matter how hard she tries to distant herself from obammy, she won't succeed.

      If Hillary thinks we are going to forget Benghazi she is wrong, her biggest political mistake was teaming up with Obama. Obama will go down in history as the Worst President this country ever had and she included with the criminals in our white house

    • I will, and I hope everyone will, on every site and blog remind people of the "Bloody Bitch of Benghazie". She is no better and would not be a better president than the Clown we have now. What has this woman ever done to warrant the presidency? Of course Obama had absolutely no qualifications for president and that has become more and more obvious daily. The Democrats have proved that basically they as a party are criminal. They lie, they cheat, they run a man for president without qualifications, allow him to seal his past, and don't vet him; allow him to trash our Constitution and send citizens into fiscal hell with Obamacare and now they want to run this woman?

      • She is no better and would not be a better president than the Clown we have now.

        Of course she would be better, marginally, because no one could be worse than the,"O." To see what is happening to my AMERICA, is very disheartening. To see our troops being killed for nothing. We are in a war we CANNOT win. It has been going for thousands of years, and will continue to do so. When is it going to be Americans, for Americans.


  2. Benghazi was suppose to be a kidnapping. Obama set it up with his Muslim Brotherhood buddies. He'd trade the "Blind Sheik" responsible for the first WTC bombing for Stevens. Morsi had already asked Obama to release him. This exchange would give Obama a boost in the polls just before the election. How convenient. But those damn CIA agents, former SEALs, refused to obey the stand down orders and opened fire on the terrorists. Believing Obama had betrayed them they tortured and murdered Stevens. That's why no help was sent and Obama went to bed. It was all going as planned. When they discovered the op had been blown by the SEALs White House and State Department went directly into full cover up mode. They didn't care about the lies over the video. They calculated it would be a month or so before the lie was fully exposed. They'd stonewall until the election same as they've done for years on Fast and Furious. Welcome to Obama's America. A place where Al Qaeda terrorists are illegally provided weapons by the nation they will do anything to destroy. That's one of the things that was happening in Libya at the time that they're trying to prevent from ever going public.
    A 2013 congressional report showed that Clinton did indeed sign an April 2012 State Department cable acknowledging formal requests for help. So, she DID know of various cables requesting assistance in Libya. Reporter Sharyl Attkisson tweeted that while Clinton knew of these requests for aid, she “ordered the withdrawal of elements to proceed as planned.”
    I WILL NOT vote for Hillary! I would write in a vote for my dog first! My dog is loyal to where he lives and will protect me! More than I can say for her or the "O"!! Guess who was fired from the Watergate investigation because of her “ethics” or complete disregard of them? Read this and find out!. Especially under “A Tiger Never Loses Its Stripes”! She was dishonest, underhanded and a liar even back then! I remember her well, as I am in my 60's! No votes here! Obama and Hillary are two rotten peas in a rotting pod. Go to Capital Hill Daily and type in "What the Scandals mean for 2016". Also at the "powerline blog" is this "hillary-clinton-culpable-for-benghazi-from-beginning-to-end". Vote them out in 2014, vote them all out! And do not vote for Clinton unless you want more of the same thing that Obama has been dishing out! And about her concussion that she had . . sandhyajainarchive at .org and type in "was-hillary-clinton-on-a-secret-mission-to-iran". She is just a piece of crap that Obama is backing! Doesn't that tell you something right there!
    If you vote for Hillary that is the same as voting for Obama! A very bad move for this country! We will get nothing from her but the same as Obama has been dishing. NOTHING GOOD!

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