He’s So Good, But Didn’t You Hear? The Other Guy’s A Racist!

Obama GOP Racists SC Hes So Good, But Didnt You Hear? The Other Guys a Racist!

President Obama has an “accomplishment sheet”, and one Virginia Senator isn’t afraid “to put boots on the ground” and energize voters with such a stacked résumé.

That’s why Virginia state Senator Louise Lucas said this on local radio: “Let’s be real clear. Mitt Romney is speaking to a group of people out there who don’t like folks like Barack Obama in any elected or leadership position.” Couched differently, she repeated (nearly back-to-back) the same claim twice in a short, six-minute interview.

Having listened to the spiel, I had expected to hear about this revered accomplishment sheet—since of course, it’s so good. Fool me once, shame on Sen. Lucas. Maybe she’ll e-mail it to me.

Let’s ask a simple question. If you have much to brag about, why demonize the opponent and attempt to label him a racist? A few answers come to mind.

One, if the label (albeit false) sticks, it’s a deadly strike to center mass and a sure path to victory. Two, it’s a fantastical evasion of a dreadfully un-stacked résumé. Both answers are in play, and we should pay attention. Why? Fool me twice, shame on.. well.. not Sen. Lucas.

Bearer of the President’s Résumé

Just last week, Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner gave us the highlights when testifying on Capitol Hill:

  • “The economy is not growing fast enough.” No kidding.
  • “Unemployment is very high.” Who knew?
  • “There’s a huge amount of damage left in the housing market.” Happy selling!
  • “Americans are living with the scars of this crisis.” Scars would be appropriate if we weren’t still screaming for a medic and perhaps a job.

Of course, still hoping to pin the racist tall tale on the elephant running for president, Sen. Lucas pressed on.

“All of the folks who are saying, ‘We don’t like Barack Obama,’ can’t tell you any reason that they don’t. … Intelligent people understand that President Barack Obama did not create this mess—and the mess that was created could not be solved in two or three or four years,” she said.

Um… how long has President Obama been in office? Yeah, that many years—whatever timeline says the President isn’t at fault. Hey, can we still blame President George W. Bush?

The Real Picture

There is no accomplishment sheet; we aren’t better off than we were four years ago. Navy SEAL Team 6, not the President, killed terror leader Osama bin Laden, and we remain at war.

Healthcare isn’t fixed; Congress and the President threw a 3,000-page money order at old systems that are nearly bankrupt. Millennials didn’t get a break on student loans. Congress froze the interest rates but put off the inevitable, and high taxes will pay for it later.

They didn’t save the American economy or preserve future opportunity. Bailed-out and propped-up companies still hemorrhaged jobs (if they didn’t altogether.) Finally, for each of the last five years, Congress spent $1,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion) more than it took in.

For this election, those are the stakes and résumé items on the table. To falsely label a presidential candidate as a racist is a disgrace and devoid of civility—especially when the President can’t muster facing his and Congress’ stark failures.

Borrowing from former president Ronald Reagan, “I will not stand by and watch this country destroy itself under mediocre leadership that drifts from one crisis to the next, eroding our national will and purpose.” Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, you shouldn’t either.

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  1. Excellent article…..I'll bet a bunch of dems have heartburn right now…it's the incovenient truths that just kill ya.

  2. Robert Bowles says:

    You go girl, I say this as a Virginia resident that is still wondering how this once great state was taken over by the vile, nasty, revolting trash we call democrats. The problem is the left rift raft and the local fragrants that live off the welfare and handouts. The government that has blossomed under Obama has taken over Northern Virginia, and want to continue their sweet jobs, just go to any government office and look who you have to deal with, fat over weight, overbearing entitlement employees, with fingernails 2+ inches long that have to get somebody to dial the phone for them, dripping with gold, driving expensive cars, while their old man sits at home playing the lottery and drinking all day. I have lived here all my life, call me a liar but i can take you and show what i'm talking about. Time to reclaim our state from the trash and vote to get rid of this farce they call Obama Land.

  3. who listens too main stream media anymore…..really

  4. Disgusted says:

    No, the One in Office is the Biggest Racist there is today. He has planned this “race war” thing, and his plan is to turn us all against one another, and then be the “hero”, saving the day by enslaving us all. The blacks who scream and squawk about their ancestors having been slaves, will happily give themselves over as the New Slaves of 2013, by being bought with food stamps and a fake healhcare system that will let them die, because their One figures that they are not worth saving. They are as of now, being bought and sold, once again, only bought for much less than before, and sold into a slavery of their own making. And, all done by a thing who claims to care for them, “his people”, but in truth, he despises them as much as he does we white people, because, BECAUSE they, as we, are ALL AMERICANS! And, those illegals? They are only pawns, used in his game of Power Grabbing, and using whomever, and whatever tool he has at his disposal, to become the Boss of us all, the first black DICK tator of America. The women who support this freak, are stupider than stupid, because women will LOSE every right that our ancestors ever fought for 100 years ago. We will be used, the same as the illegals, and the foolish black people, used as the pawns in the never ending power grabs that wait for this EVIL DISEASE IN OFFICE, should he regain the seat in November! A vote for this FREAK, this MU SLIME, this DISEASE, is a vote for your own life time SLAVERY! In one way or another, all will become the Slaves of the United States Government! Because this is the INTENTIONS, AGENDA, PLANS OF THIS FREAK IN OFFICE!

  5. Al Metcalf says:

    Obama is completely clueless concerning the economy. What was the first thing he said when lecturing Wall Street. In his lecture, Oh, I remember now, "using the P/E ratio, you know the profit/earnings ration as a guide to purchasing a stock" Well he is still just a clueless today as he was four years ago. A moron is a moron and will remain the same over time.
    Obama still does not understand the concept that hiring more government workers 'does not create wealth for the nation'. Government workers do not produce any marketable product, they are a complete loss to the wealth of the nation, in fact for every government worker there has to be seven workers in the private sectory to pay the salary and benefits for that person.
    Obama has increased the government workforce by 10K per month since he has been in office, add to this bill all of the people who are on Food Stamps and Welfare. Now do you wonder why we are becoming Europe? It is time to correct the error that we made in 2008 and send Obama home….

  6. Yep. Obama's getting desperate now. He can't seem to nail Romney with anything serious so now he's back to his old bag of tricks. He tried really hard to smear Romney earlier and when that looked like it was failing, he got someone to imply Romney and his supporters were (drumb roll) racist. Though, I could spin Lucas' claim the other way. When she says "people that don't like folks like Obama in office", I could agree in another way. Yeah, we don't like Marxist, socialist, traitors like Obama in office. It might be true what she said about not being able to fix the problem with the economy in two to three years. The only problem with that statement is, Obama said he'd do it in his first year. Come and gone and still broken. Lucas, you'd be wise if you distanced yourself from Obama. Face it, he's not doing you any favors at this point. You're just ruining your own chances for reelection by standing by him.

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