Herman Cain Has Three Simple Steps For Concerned Citizens

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Though his 2012 presidential bid was derailed, largely due to unfounded accusations levied by his leftist detractors, Herman Cain has remained a powerful voice in the conservative movement. He now hosts a daily syndicated talk radio show and was the keynote speaker at the recent Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix.

During his speech, he presented three points all conservatives should remember when determining how to effect change within the current political climate.

Stay Informed

Patriots must start with a firm grasp on realty, Cain cautioned, “because stupid people are running America; if they’re not stupid, they’re gullible.”

The left will continue to spin the facts in their favor, he explained; however, an informed citizenry will no longer believe the lies. He detailed a number of factually inaccurate assertions made by leftist leaders in recent months, including the response to a recent Congressional Budget Office report showing ObamaCare legislation will lead to massive layoffs across the nation.

“Democrats came up with the most ridiculous spin I’ve ever heard,” Cain said, as politicos claimed “it is not reducing jobs because of ObamaCare – it is freeing you from job lock.”

He also chastised a number of other patently false statements, including the disingenuous reportage of unemployment figures.

“If the unemployment rate is 6.6 percent,” he proclaimed, “I am Santa Claus from the North Pole.”

Stay Involved

In addition to identifying the opposition’s numerous lies, Cain emphasized the importance of his second step toward reclaiming America.

He brought up the concerns of a man named John who recently called in to his program. The caller expressed his disillusionment, claiming he no longer saw a reason to vote given the corruption of today’s political system.

“I said, John, I could give you a list of reasons you should not give up, but I’m only going to give you one,” Cain recalled. “Because if you give up, who’s going to fight for your grandchildren? It’s not about us.”

The more active conservatives become, the more likely they are to change someone’s mind. Too many Americans, he insisted, need to learn how to separate their “emotional attachment” in seeing a “black man in office” from Obama’s long track record of miserable policies.

“The good news is more people are waking up,” he concluded. “We don’t need to save everybody. We just need to save the savable and then we’ll win.

Stay Inspired

Finally, Cain noted the importance of identifying with and learning from the experiences of heroic men and women – both within one’s personal sphere of friends and family and throughout American history.

He recounted the struggles of our founding fathers, saying that “King George wanted them to believe they couldn’t win.”

Gen. George Washington and a fledgling army of rebels decided their own fate, though, and created the greatest nation in the history of the world. That unshakable spirit persisted throughout our collective history, Cain continued.

“When President Lincoln felt so passionate that a nation divided couldn’t stand … some people didn’t think or believe that he’d win,” he said. “John F. Kennedy declared that by the end of the decade of the ‘60s we would walk on the moon. Some people didn’t believe it.”

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “led the civil rights struggle in this country singing ‘We Shall Overcome,’” Cain proclaimed. “A lot of people didn’t believe we would – and we did!”

He ended with a personal story of sacrifice and triumph demonstrated by his own father.

“I remember a man by the name of Luther Cain Jr.,” he said. “He didn’t have a car. He didn’t have a degree. He didn’t have an SUV. He walked off of a small farm in Tennessee to pursue his American Dream.”

Despite the naysayers in his own family, Cain explained, his father worked three jobs to provide a better life for his children.

“It’s called sweat equity,” he concluded.

Cain is himself a testament to the effectiveness of his three simple steps toward a better America. If conservatives — who clearly outnumber leftists in this nation — follow his example en masse, we will reclaim the U.S. for future generations.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    If it wasn't for the press protecting Obutthole and tem hurting Cain we would have had a real colored president not some mongrel.amazes me how the blacks and their organizations turned on a real black American.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Cain like Romney would of been the first NON POLITICIAN President since Eisenhower! But because of the taqiyya-in-chief and his lying, cheating, immoral, unfair, sleazy, unethical democrap cronies, Obliar’s “low information voters” were fooled like "sheeple". This country needed a business man instead of a bunch of liars to put the country back on the right track! So Cain cheated, all blacks cheat.

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