Here’s Why The VA Scandal Has “Legs” That Will Carry It To Obama’s Doorstep

People don’t trust Barack Obama. They don’t think he is competent and are ready to believe he is the cause of the VA scandal, whether this is true or not.

In the 1970’s, ’80s, ’90s, and on to 2000, the VA had to treat far fewer veterans who had sympathy-invoking visible injuries. They were treating veterans of WW I, WW II Korea, and Viet Nam, many of whom were suffering from age-related infirmities.

The WWI and II veterans mostly presented illnesses associated with old age. The Korea and Viet Nam veterans had more visible injuries, but they were likely seen first.

The introduction of helicopters in Korea and Viet Nam greatly increased the likelihood of battle-wounded veterans’ survival; but that likelihood grew dramatically in the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. Today, wounded war fighters stand a 95% chance of survival when they can be delivered to medical treatment by a helicopter.

Wounded troops who make it as far as a helicopter are suddenly in a quasi-emergency room, where treatment starts immediately and life expectancy chances grow as well. As a result, wounded war fighters who have suffered the kind of wounds that would almost certainly have killed their fathers and grandfathers are arriving back home with limbs gone and eyes missing, but alive and in need of continuing medical care.

When wounded war fighters who have lost limbs and eyes are denied immediate care in a VA hospital, people notice. The same people who are now telling pollsters they don’t trust Barack Hussein Obama (or like him since it is very unlikely one can like someone he/she doesn’t trust) are seeing the horrors of the VA hospitals and demanding something be done to help these brave men and women.

Women who have been maimed in combat have become yet another layer of this issue. For the first time in history, enough women are returning home from combat zones with visible injuries to make many otherwise disinterested Americans – especially those not already fully to the Left – notice and be concerned.

While the fact that the VA hospital system has always been to some extent a typical government bureaucracy, and therefore prone to some level of inefficiency and incompetence, the number of disadvantaged veterans it has damaged was relatively small.

Nevertheless, no one (even during the presidency of Bill Clinton, a man famous for saying he “loathed” the military) would have imagined the problems of the VA system were anything but bungling from incompetent government workers; but this isn’t the case today. The propensity for criminality on the part of the Obama Administration is such that Americans are ready to believe that criminal intent was behind the secret “double” waiting lists. That belief will eventually lead the VA scandal to Obama’s doorstep.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obumahole could care less about our veterans,hell he even hates the military. I'm sure he has Val Jarrett donate money to terrorists organizations to help the wounded terrorists.

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