Here’s Why The Founding Fathers Would Be Rolling In Their Graves If They Could See America Today


Today I was on a long flight cross-country, sitting at the bulkhead seat in the economy section, right behind the lavatories.  I was minding my own business, thinking about an upcoming project and really just staring off into space.  I actually didn’t notice as a woman of color walked back from the first class section in front of me to use the bathroom.  I was jerked out of my daydreaming state when I heard the woman say, “Why don’t you just take a picture!”  I said, “Excuse me?”  She repeated in a rude tone, “Why don’t you just take a picture!”  Then I realized she thought I was looking at her.  I was actually quite shocked with her rudeness.

I don’t recognize America today; the country has become uncivilized.  Everyone is a victim.  Many liberal minorities especially are bitter, angry, spiteful, and downright mean. I don’t get it! Didn’t we just elect a black president?  Don’t we have a black attorney general?  Isn’t Oprah a billionaire?  I don’t understand where this all comes from!  What are they so mad about?  I mean, come on.  You don’t hear Alan West talking and acting this way.  So what is behind this apparent dichotomy?  What is the difference between liberals and conservatives when civility is concerned?

Maybe the anger is misplaced.  Maybe they are angry because under the Obama administration they are worse off than ever.  Unemployment is high, black-on-black violence is out of control, and food stamp use is larger than anytime before in history.  Economic growth is crawling.  Maybe the liberal system is robbing them of their self respect.  They are angry inside and they take it out on others.  They take it out on people they know won’t retaliate: the white conservative.

The other facet of American society I am not comfortable with but see more and more is the culture of laziness.  People are waiting for handouts.  They expect government to do everything for them and get upset if it doesn’t.  We seem to have lost the entrepreneurial, can-do spirit that was the hallmark of the previous generations.  I constantly see tattooed, pierced, unmarketable youth doing nothing.  It bothers me.  They don’t care about their culture, or their work ethic.  They care about getting high, being anarchists, or whatever.  Would this generation have defeated the Nazi war machine?  I’m not so sure.  What happened to music, to culture, to science?  What happened to working your way through college instead of taking obscene loans that you will default on later?  We cannot get ahead in the world with people that have huge holes in their ears and their pants falling off.  It’s ridiculous.  What happened to self-respect?  Why are so many people obese?

My sincere hope is that we can find a new leader who will lead the country out of this morass.  I firmly believe that is what is missing: leadership.  Leadership on race relations, hard work, healthy eating, self-respect, foreign affairs, etc. etc.  The list is long.  I hope this leader is out there somewhere.

Photo Credit: Rob Chandanais (Flikr)

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  1. L., Oprah's last name is Winfrey, in case you didn't know. She shouldn't be called by just her 1st name!

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