Here’s Why Obama Will Get A Third Term…

Obama At Gettysburg SC

There is a strong likelihood that our next president will be the incumbent, Barry Soetoro, or – short of overhauling the 22nd amendment – whatever other liberal candidate the Democrats may produce. We conservatives have pretty much sealed our fate and, if we continue as we have, don’t have a snowball’s chance in perdition of ever again occupying the nation’s chief office. My prediction is just as unpleasant to me as it may be to any of my readers. Nevertheless, those are my sentiments, and I would almost be willing to take bets on the accuracy of my words.

Here is why it will happen …

First off, conservatives have allowed themselves to completely fall asleep at the switch. In our resting on the fantasy that everyone else basically thinks as we do, we went and forgot that the price of freedom really is constant vigilance. All this time, while we were driving back and forth to work, paying bills, and saving what we could for a rainy day, we lost sight of the fact that there is a growing crowd of people out there who genuinely want only to work the system and collect a paycheck for doing nothing. We’ve allowed our history lessons to fade off into uselessness as we’ve ignored the truth that ‘liberalism’ is just the soft-boiled precursor to socialism and slavery. We let slide Lincoln’s dire warning about the recurrent reality of lazy tyrants consuming the fruits of the working diligent. And now we are walking right into that reality with our own government freshly wired to give muscle to the lazy tyrants.

Professional, power-hungry politicians and their constituency comprise the lazy tyrants. Both are seeking after their own bottomless ATM cards, which they fully intend to supply from the labors of the working diligent.

Forever, the liberals have ridden the system in order to try to maintain themselves in a manner in which they would like to become accustomed. They artfully use narcotic, PC words like ‘fairness,’ ‘balance,’ ‘tolerance,’ and ‘equality’ as pry tools for taking stuff that doesn’t belong to them. From day one, the liberal presents himself as a humanitarian and champion of the underdog, while in fact, he’s fighting to establish a utopian set of ‘rights’ that simply can’t exist in the real world.

Our current president and his entire administrative staff/enablers are the living example of how this racket works: Use the taxpayers’ money to buy votes from the burgeoning swarm who are convinced their votes will ensure their leader’s promised panacea. This old formula is job security for the leftist politician – since, after all, what parasite in his right mind would shoot himself in the foot by voting against his own free ride? It’s a circular plan that must eventually crash because nobody – none of the working diligent, anyway – is stupid enough to keep on laboring in order to underwrite someone else’s dreams.

Eventually, the cobweb of liberalism’s pitched fantasy is bound to collapse when the bank finally calls and reports that all available resources are depleted. When that happens, history shows, the fattened politicians simply pack up shop and head for cover – and the lightheaded mob that voted them into office is once again left destitute and holding the bag (an empty bag).

Tragically, in the process of chasing a mirage, our rights and freedoms will have been lost in that fool’s bargain.

As all this drama unfolds, the bigger picture of social collapse and revolution will naturally take on a life of its own. A new, desperately clamoring throng emerges looking for someone to save the day. And, because our determined and methodical president has prepared himself for just such a day, we’ll then painfully discover that he holds all the cards.

If Marx and the big names of socialism could be assembled to review the moves reformer obama has made up to this point, they would joyously stand and give him a teary-eyed ovation for having installed – in just five fast years – every cog of the sinister machine that had been designed to demolish our free capitalist West. And he did all that without so much as even a genuinely threatening investigation from our generally spineless Congress.

Predicting our downfall is not anything that I ever wanted to write. Indeed, just a few years back, I still hadn’t imagined that we would ever really allow the things we have without a fight. But we have.

Years ago, whoever coined the term ‘silent majority’ should have been taken out in the street and horsewhipped. That senseless title gave an air of virtuous credential to the indolent conservative who enjoyed suddenly feeling justified in his laziness. Rather than periodically leaving the comfort of his Barcalounger, beer, and remote – and even minimally participating in our dying democracy – he was handed a lofty-sounding indulgence that seemed to accommodate his selfish, personal peace.

Now we’re ambling along under the misconception that the right conservative candidate will somehow unwind the effects of our sloth and turn everything around for the better. But, even if we found such a man, that won’t work – given that most of us can’t seem to be bothered with even making it to the polls now and then.

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  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I believe that everything Ojigaboo does is to set himself up for a third term.He gets his personal Generals and Admirals to head the military next he gets his own justices.He already has the AG in his pocket along with congress.I don't see the republicans stopping him.

  3. Gormelytus Hazwell says:

    Ignorant and stupid people elect ignorant, stupid, but conniving politicians. You can't fix stupid, and that sadly describes most of the voters in the USA.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Liberalism is not something that needs to be taught, they tend to think of themselves as more accepting and compassionate, they’ll accept Jesus, but only on their terms, conformed to their image. They place their own wants and desires before all else, even before a saving Diety. They firmly believe that a complete submission to their methodology will enable a fairly distributed, person-centered, needs-driven standard of living to flourish. Underneath it all, however, is an elitist, radically-motivated power-grab reflective of a greater global political-social agenda. The Marxist ideologue of our day is promoting tyranny under the guise of empathy. But what they really seek is totalitarianism. We naturally fight against conservatism, a belief system that requires discipline and self-control. We naturally want to do what’s wrong, and we want to get away with it like Obama. Then we want to make sure everyone else has the opportunity to get away with it because ‘those’ who do right make us feel guilty. We hate ‘those’ people. We want to tear them down and cast them away. Then we will all be the same! We get to do what we want without fear or regret. There will be nobody to answer to, and nobody can tell us what we are doing is wrong. We answer to nobody but ourselves. Once this ‘humanistic vision’ becomes completely realized, we can become fully-recognized, state-certified ‘earthly god-like Obama’s.’ We will be granted the rights to get what we want, do what we want, and have what we want, when we want it! We then become more emboldened, more arrogant, and more indignant like Obama. We eventually morph into full-blown narcissists like Obama. We’ve gained the world but lost our soul. As we proceed down this slippery slope, we are never fully satisfied. Quite the opposite, happiness and contentment cannot be realized, no matter how hard we try! We will always crave more. We begin to lie, cheat, and steal like Obama. We’ll do anything to continue to gain an advantage, to feed an addiction that can never be achieved via temporal earthly conquest! We want to be admired and adored. We crave the power and attention. We desire full affirmation that we matter, that we’re important, that we’re special, and that nothing is going to get in our way. If we are rejected, we will use force to ensure we ultimately have our way, no matter how absurd the scheme like Obama! Our message to the idealistic obstructionist is one of contempt and dismissal. Our liberal self declares, ‘away with your rules! away with your morals! away with your absolute standards! I am beyond your reproach, as I don’t believe as you do, no rule of your law, just my law. I have the power to hide my mistakes and defer my accountability. I am entitled to satisfy my own urges and desires with little or no consequence. The greater good is of no concern as long as I get mine.’ When restrained by the culture, our liberal self realizes the need to turn it upside down until it suits us. If well-rooted and time-proven stability does not conform to our personal desires, we will unapologetically change the reality. Right will be wrong, up will be down, and right will be left! If the course we’ve charted for ourselves is not adhered to, we won’t need to debate the natural realities or the facts; we can simply rely on emotional outcries and hysterics. We’ll use the media to promote our hot-button charges against our enemies. We’ll cry slander, bigotry, racism, and injustice, whatever achieves the desired effect! We won’t even have to discuss the widespread merits of our way. Our harsh accusations will rule the day! There’s nothing we can’t achieve! We can do what we feel is right and feel good about our efforts, while those heavenly-minded absolutists flounder haplessly, as they are deemed ignorant fanatics with irrational views not worthy of public consideration. The arguments and perspectives of these religious conservatives are swiftly declared ‘out of bounds,’ not fit for rational discussion. This is the proven, winning formula. This is how the natural inclinations of man and their sinfully-driven, liberal faith maintain power and authority. We desperately need shorter term limits or bounties to get rid of the congressional scum!

  5. Wiseoldlady says:

    If this repulsion or another democrat wins the next election am sure thousands will Permanently LEAVE the country and not look back. We cannot take anymore of the filthy cesspool in Washington. ENOUGH. Sick of seeing them, hearing them, reading about their constant drama. This is the kind of stuff the very poor trashy people pull. Or the very rich trash. The middle class is the greatest and DC is trying to destroy us. Maybe financially but never in principle for most of us. Give the poisionous progressives, dem or rep their own island and let them fight amongst themselves and leave us alone. How about Greenland…good place for ALL of them.

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