Here’s Why CPAC Went Crazy For Rand Paul

The Western Center for Journalism has reported numerous receptive welcomes for popular speakers at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference. The audience, however, seems to have saved its most enthusiastic response for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

The conservative firebrand addressed a packed house Friday afternoon with a strong embrace of the Constitution and an even stronger rebuke for those who wish to defy it.

“Imagine a time our great country is again governed by the Constitution,” he said — a time “when the White House is once again occupied by a friend of liberty.”

Paul said his main objective is not securing victories for Republicans but “electing lovers of liberty.”

Now is the time, he insisted, to decide in which direction the party will travel.

“Will we be bold and proclaim our message with passion or will we be sunshine patriots retreating under adverse fire?” he asked an increasingly enthusiastic crowd. “Will you, America’s next generation of liberty lovers, will you stand and be heard?”

The fierce protector of individual sovereignty pivoted to the persisting controversy regarding the federal government’s accumulation of personal data from American citizens.

“The sons of liberty risked everything for your right to a trial by jury,” he said, indicating the Obama administration is thwarting that protection by collecting information from anyone with a cell phone. “They would today call out to the president” to tell him “we will not be detained, spied upon, or have our rights abridged. We will not trade our liberty for security — not now, not ever!”

He said Americans deserve liberty and protection from a runaway government, which is why our founders included such language in the Bill of Rights.

“I believe what you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business,” he said. “The Fourth Amendment is very clear. Warrants must be issued by a judge” and “be specific to the individual.”

In apparent violation of that protection, however, this administration is allowing one vague warrant to be used to collect limitless data from every American alive.

While Paul said he doesn’t “question Obama’s motives,” he is certain that “history will record his timid defense of liberty.”

He has set in motion the catalyst for future regimes to completely trample the remaining freedoms Americans possess, Paul insisted. “It isn’t so much what President Obama has done — although he’s done a lot, very little of it good — as much as it is the precedent it sets for lawlessness that may follow.”

The left, he said, believes the Constitution “is whatever the majority says it is” and can, with enough votes, be used to strip inalienable rights from citizens.

“We must stop this president from shredding the Constitution,” he said, describing a government “unrestrained by law” as “nothing short of tyranny.”

America’s prosperity, Paul asserted, is intrinsically connected to its unique freedoms.

“America’s exceptional character is not in our DNA but it’s in our … founding documents,” he said, which “restrained the government, not the individual.”

To reclaim those founding pricniples, he said, will take “a national revival of liberty.”

He used the example of his filibuster in protest of Obama’s potential use of drones to kill American citizens to illustrate the fight ahead.

“It is not a time for the faint of heart,” he concluded. “The time is now. Stand with me; let us stand together for liberty.”


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Sign the petition at
    You can’t have a single warrant apply to millions of people. No, you can't have our personal records (IS THIS PART OF THE PHONE PRIVACY POLICY? EVERYONE KNOWS EMAILS ARE NOT SECURE!) without our permission or without a warrant specific to an individual. We want obama to protect the Fourth Amendment. We want obama to protect the right to privacy. We want obama to understand that we're not willing to trade our liberty for security, that we think we can have security, that we can defend against terrorism, but that doesn't mean that every individual American has to give up their privacy (AND ID). We want the cell phone provider to be able to appeal the FISA court, we don't think a question of constitutionality should be decided in secret. obama is using the IRS to go after people who have a certain political or religious belief. obama uses what is supposed to be impartial, the IRS, leads America to wonder and worry whether or not obama will use the NSA that way. America is concerned that obama thinks he has the power to collect all our records. obama doesn't get to create the law, write the law and decide and adjudicate it. This has to go before the Supreme Court!

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