Here’s Why America Needs To Stay Out Of Iraq And Afghanistan

Yes, it’s an understood fact that wars are never won by withdrawing; but this is an entirely new era of war where countries are not fighting with each other, but with hardcore radical Muslim groups. Obama withdrew troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, not for altruistic reasons, but to pander to his ridiculous liberal anti-American thinking. Nonetheless, this could perhaps be the only sane thing Obama would have done for the country because unbeknownst to him, there was no way America could have made fig of a difference in the hearts and minds of Muslims in Islamic lands.

All the groups that have emerged and re-grouped were just like dormant volcanoes, ready to erupt at an opportune moment. This is happening now. These groups are terrorists, and their only aim is to destroy anything and anyone that does not conform to their way of life. Needless to say, their life consists only of establishing Islam globally through violence, death, and destruction. Their only aim is to establish the 7th century way of life when Islam reigned supreme. With their ears, eyes, and head covered, it is impossible to explain that the world has moved on ahead of Islam’s barbaric and primitive ways.

What is currently happening in Iraq was bound to happen; it is the way in this part of the world or wherever Islam is. There is nothing nice, kind, or humane about this religion simply because this is not a religion per se. It is a way of life that believes in subjugating all by threats or killings. There is no action in these lands that is bereft of ‘beheading,’ and that is practiced with equality for all. In addition, there is brutality for all along with no rights and no freedom for anyone, alive or dead. Firstly, like in other Muslim lands, its two main groups (Sunnis and Shias) will never stop fighting each other; America needs to understand this simple concept. Secondly, nobody in Muslim lands recognizes the concept of democracy or wants it. Islam is a political thought, and democracy is anathema to its operation. America needs to believe this.

Obama, a man who is a sham through and through, foolishly announced to all terrorists-in-waiting in Afghanistan and Iraq the exact time of departure of American troops. Sure enough, groups like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS lay low till it is time to move in with their black hoods. To all discerning eyes, this is how warring entities should behave; if they cannot take the enemy head-on, they wait till their time is ripe. Time is what they have plenty of. With no other distractions (i.e. wine, women, and song), Islamic groups remain committed to their twisted ideology: women have been shoved underground; wine has been banned; and song, porn, and sports are forbidden under Islam (or so they pretend!) Those who cannot pretend are beheaded and left to rot in the streets of Baghdad or the ruins of Kabul. These soldiers of Islam don’t have to find an enemy; everybody is their enemy. All they have to do is choose which one they would like to destroy first! It is truly a bloodthirsty way of life.

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Everyone is overlooking a key event that will determine where obama's allegiance/alliance truly lies. To prove obama believes in liberty, justice, and freedom for all, obama must attack al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood (AQ/MB), driving them from Iraq and restoring Iraq to a free nation. For obama to do nothing and let Baghdad fall (like Benghazi) would mean he is a member of (AQ/MB), and is taking a stand against justice, freedom, and America. Bring back the leaders that loved America, hang all of today’s traitors

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