Here’s The Latest Reason Eric Holder Thinks You’re Racist

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Attorney General Eric Holder can scarcely last a week without accusing a huge swath of the American population of being hate-mongering racists. That familiar refrain repeated again this week when he cast such aspersion on those who want to curtail voter fraud.

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During a recent MSNBC interview, Holder touched on the issue of voter identification laws, explaining his belief that much of the advocacy in favor of their implementation is based on some innate bigotry against minorities.

While he said the Justice Department is “not opposed to photo identification in a vacuum,” he alleged that Republicans use such measures as a means of “partisan advantage.”

In one respect, one could argue it is advantageous for a party continually oppressed by voter fraud to endorse effort to stem the tide. Of course, Holder’s true accusation is that the GOP is full of racists who don’t want minorities to vote.

“It is being used in too many instances to depress the vote of particular groups of people who are not supportive of the party that is advancing these photo ID measures,” he claimed.

For some reason, Holder believes members of his own race are incapable of obtaining a valid photo ID – despite the fact that such proof is needed for a litany of other common activities. Despite his rhetoric, however, the underlying intention of those who oppose commonsense measures like voter ID laws is to preserve the culture of election fraud that has undoubtedly led to recent Democrat victories.

In much the same way as granting legal status to illegal immigrants, leftists realize the only way to guarantee future electoral wins is by cheating. Democrats routinely advocate for laws allowing illegals to obtain valid ID in the U.S. while somehow contending that minority citizens are being prevented from visiting the DMV for the same service.

He expressed support of legal action against those who act to implement voter identification policies.

“If we can show that photo ID efforts are done inappropriately and for improper reasons,” he explained, “That ought to be the basis for federal intervention.”

While there has been no such evidence thus far in the widespread campaign to combat voter fraud, Holder and his minions nonetheless have no qualms about castigating its supporters.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: ryanjreilly Creative Commons

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  1. Every single person who has the LEGAL right to vote should have a VALID photo ID to prove it.
    (NOT illegal scumbags, since they're instant FELONS the minute they sneak over OUR border, thereby negating any possibility of having the right to vote)…
    (NOT dead people, since they're dead and don't care one way or the other)…
    Nor should stealing the identity of someone who is deceased be allowed to fly….
    (Just like OBomination is doing with 'his' Social Security number, and needs to be vigorously prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for it)…

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    If those in charge have deemed something racist, or not, then it is. That's what they keep telling me.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Eric Holder and his Boss President OWhipit are the biggest racist going.The reason that Muslim Eric doesn't like voter registration is because there would be less fixing election.

  4. Timm M. Berg says:

    They (democrats) want to register our (Law Abiding Citizens) guns, then why don't they want to register criminals. That still doesn't make sense to me.
    It is so easy to get a photo ID I can't imagine what their problem is. You can get a driver's license or state photo ID without reading or writing English, but it is too hard to get one for voter identification? The dems, holder, obama, and most republicans all have their heads so far up their asses they must be out of glass bellybuttons.

  5. Being the far-left liberal and racist he always has been, Holder conveniently ignores the well-proven fact that voter photo ID actually increases minority voting.

  6. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Please sign both the articles petition AND this petition for Holder's Resignation & Prosecution 1,168,549 Letters and Emails Sent So Far!!!… Why doesn’t holdme stop cheating elections, like the ignant woman in philly that voted 8 times, if every monkey did that then of course you are going to win. And voter ID should be mandatory, but holdme needs the cheating to win. The ID is provided at no cost, upon request, at any DMV. Everyone seems to disregard the fact that if these people can’t get out to get ID, how do they get out to vote (how do they get out for food?)? The elderly, on fixed incomes had to produce a government ID to get Social Security, or welfare, or any other form of government-provided assistance. They either get checks, which will require government ID to cash, or have direct deposit. Banks (by law, and by IRS regulation) require government ID to open accounts and to manage the accounts. All the same for people who receive government assistance. There have been sufficient documented cases of voter fraud to warrant some corrective action on a broad scale. And my answer to the people who say they have never actually experienced voter fraud first-hand is this: Have you ever personally witnessed a murder, or a bank robbery? Does that mean that they don’t happen? Does that mean that we should not enact laws designed to prevent these crimes? Voter fraud exists, and exists on a chronic scale. It is NOT a partisan thing! Now that cases of voter fraud are discovered and revealed, ID at the polls will be inevitable. We had better get a handle on our voting systems, cause the left is learning how to persuade 130% of us to vote in every election! We should impeach holdme for all his lying, cheating, immoral, unfair, sleazy, unethical decisions. These most recent illegal acts by Holder’s DOJ is so incredibly tyrannical and unconstitutional that should be the final straw for his removal from office! It is OUR responsibility to uphold the laws of our republic and hold our public servants to their oaths of office to uphold and defend the Constitution. He is permitting the DOJ to trample on the First Amendment and he has failed in his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. The very rule of law is at stake and the credibility of every law enforcement officer in the U.S. If our top law enforcement agency refuses to follow the law, there is no rule of law, and this is no longer America.

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