Here’s The Good News…

Republican Elephant 2 SC Heres The Good News...

It appeared last night that even Obama was shocked that he won a second term. Today, much of the mainstream media has little to say. It seems that they were more prepared for a Romney win. So out the window went their moaning, whining, blame-game prepared scripts. And in came the ad-lib, try-to-look humble, do-not giggle analysis.

In the meantime, the Republican Party is looking around for someone to blame. But like when you stub your toe at home alone and look around for someone to blame and find that there is no one to blame but yourself, the Republican Party can only blame itself.

The Republican Party was not looking where it was going. Its eyes were so set on getting into the White House that it did not care how it got there. And as a result, it walked right into something obstructing its path, a thing called “liberalism.”

The Republican Party chose a liberal candidate and tried to pass him off as a Ronald Reagan to conservatives and a Bill Clinton to Liberals. But the fact is, a rhino cannot be passed off as an elephant, and neither can it be passed off as a donkey, no matter how hard one tries. As a result, not enough conservatives bought into the sham of Romney being a true conservative, while not enough liberals saw him to be liberal enough.

But here is the good news

The good news is that it is quite possible that the Republican Party will have learned its lesson come 2016. Perhaps the Republican Party will leave the running of a liberal candidate to the Democrat Party and instead give the people of America a real choice in 2016 by running a real conservative in that election. Perhaps it will run a conservative candidate who will defend the U.S. Constitution and has a history of such, one who has the truth in him and dares to speak it, one who could win people over because he has something truly better to offer to this great nation.

Let us hope that the Republican Party has learned from this. Let us hope.


Debra, a home school mom turned right wing Christian journalist and activist, runs her own website at:

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

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  1. I don't see a 2016 election. I think we will be in a very bad place by then.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Here's the bad news they're still blaming that weasel Bush

  3. I hate to tell this writer that there will be no 2016 election, period. Now don't go yelling at me, but if you think about it Obama has completely amassed all the power in Washington and he can do anything he wants even a few extra terms as "President". What say you?

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