Americans Who Love Freedom Will Love This Restaurant’s Awesome Sign


As businesses across the nation are capitulating to the left’s anti-gun demands by prohibiting legally owned firearms, a few free-thinking capitalists are bucking that trend. One such individual is Tennessee restaurateur Sharma Floyd.

As she told WBIR, her Maryville eatery, Shiloh Brew and Chew, has a unique sign adorning its front door welcoming customers with guns.



“As the owner,” she explained, “I wanted to stand my ground. I have that constitutional right.”

As for detractors, Floyd said she pays them little mind.

“If you like it, that’s great,” she asserted. “if you don’t, I’m sorry for you. I can’t change who I am.”

So far, however, opposition has been minimal.

“I can honestly say I’ve gotten way more support than the one person who really gave me a lot of grief over it,” she said.

Among those who support the new policy is customer Ralph Tucker, who praised Floyd for standing up for her beliefs.

He noted that she is “saying guns are welcome instead of somebody crying about how many people are killed with guns,” noting that “it’s not guns that kill people, it’s people that kill people.”

After reading about what happened at a restaurant that publicly banned guns earlier this year, Floyd said she got the idea to send an altogether different message to would-be robbers.

“They had put up a sign that said ‘No Weapons Allowed,’” she recalled; “and they were robbed at gunpoint two days later – and that got me thinking. I lost a whole group of motorcyclists because they though I didn’t allow weapons. But I believe it’s OK to carry as long as you have a permit.”

The only restriction Floyd – who does not own a gun herself – places on customers is precluding gun-toting patrons from drinking alcohol in her establishment.

“We sell very, very little beer here,” she said; “but we do offer it.”

Photo Credit: WBIR

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