Here’s How Obama Could Be Paving The Way For A New Reagan Without Even Realizing It

Ronald Reagan SC

Those of us old enough remember Ronald Reagan standing up to the Soviet Union militarily and publicly.

The electricity surrounding his visit to the Brandenburg Gate in 1987 and demanding, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” sent shockwaves through the entire world.

Unfortunately, Obama refuses to take on the mantle of leadership our country so desperately needs at this moment.  He prefers to dither, play golf, and attend fundraisers while the world burns.  I believe the obvious lack of leadership is being felt across the public spectrum of this country.  Young and old, conservative and progressive, are noticing his lack of interest in the future of our country (notice I didn’t say his).

As depressing as this entire episode of the Obama administration’s treachery and deceit is, the future consequence will be the rise of a great leader in the United States to counter the destructive legacy this president and his sympathizers have left us.

The Left can’t hide the fact that a nationalistic and aggressive Russia is on the rise.  They can’t hide the murder of three hundred innocent travelers, no matter how hard they try. They can’t hide the fact that Putin is all in regarding Ukraine (and possibly Georgia, parts of Moldova, and other former Soviet republics.)  They also can’t hide the complete lack of interest on the part of President Obama concerning the whole situation.

This disinterest is being seared upon the minds of the whole country and will have electoral consequences.  The youth in this country, for instance, are finally becoming concerned for their future, according to recent polls.  They realize that an Islamic State that could bring further terror attacks to the United States is not a good thing.  They realize that Iran developing an atomic bomb is not a good thing.  They have seen the feckless John Kerry fly time and time to the the Middle East to solve the Israel/Palestinian issue, only to see the efforts degenerate into a massive conflict that has killed over 500 people.  They see that Hamas is the problem, and not the Jewish State.

I believe the wool is being removed from our youth’s eyes.  This could be the legacy of the Obama administration.

Perhaps this is what our country needed.  Perhaps the full horror of the consequences of liberal government needs to be shown to every generation so they can experience it firsthand.  Perhaps each new generation needs to relearn the lessons of the past directly in order to appreciate freedom, liberty, and peace through strength. Perhaps the lack of jobs and a festering recovery is enough to teach our youth that socialism and government regulatory overreach doesn’t work.  Perhaps they don’t want a future flipping burgers.  I can go on and on about the failures of the Left and the Obama administration.

This failure is being felt by our younger generations in the face of a corrupt and compliant media that can’t hold back the truth any longer.  A new Ronald Reagan is waiting in the wings.  Someone that can articulate the benefits of conservative policy and lead us out of the wilderness.

The whole country is waiting.

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  1. Linda A. says:

    This article is very inspiring BUT!!! Truth be told, this illegal POS in the white house has a dirty underhanded trick up his sleeve. He is working by designed Chaos for the Country, that is why he has no interest of closing the borders. He knows the enemies of America are sneaking in by the droves to do harm to us

    If another 911 were to happen this lying POS will used this as a reason to place Martial Law and cancel our Constitution and the election. This creep from Hell will NOT leave in 2016, has no intentions of moving on. Most of these young dimwits that voted for this POS are waking up to the reality of the damage they contributed by voting for this POS

    Only God can help us, we need to pray that God removes him, because with all of the crimes and scandals he is still there

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Excellent Linda,I also believe he is up to something other then just being a nice half assed negroe who is looking out for these illegals.Wait till we get all those Palestinians in here.Some times you have to wonder why God lets him breath good air while some little kid dies from cancer.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    This zebra couldn't wipe Reagans ass and he'lll never be a Reagan or even a Putin.All this sand monkey knows how to do is fund raise,vacation and golf.

  3. If there is a man alive in our country today that could equal another President Reagan and lead as a full blown conservative I would be thrilled to see that person step up to the plate…….Imagine that, a real valid leader with valid credentials and a American BC……Getting rid of the WH Faker would be good, putting him in a cell even better.

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