Here’s How Much Money Hillary Clinton Has Made Since Leaving The State Department

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According to Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton has made a whopping twelve million dollars since she left the Department of State 16 months ago. This comes from three primary sources: her latest memoir, her speeches, and her appearances for companies.

Commenting on her success on the Daily Show, Clinton said:

Bill and I have worked really hard and we’ve been successful. We believed we could pretty much make our way up the ladder. Now, I think a lot of young people don’t believe that anymore.

Has her financial success, like Mitt Romney’s, come at a political cost? Given that Clinton has received millions from financial firms, liberal Robert Reich raises the question:

The real question behind the question is: Are you going to be fighting for average working people? It’s doubly important for her to show that even though she may take money from Wall Street, she won’t allow Wall Street to dictate what she says or the policies she will advocate.

Hillary Clinton brushed off Romney comparisons in an interview with PBS last month, labeling them a “false equivalency.” She stated:

I’m fully comfortable with who I am, what I stand for and what I’ve always stood for.

How does her income over the last sixteen months break down according to Bloomberg? She made at least $6 million on her latest memoir Hard Choices and has made at least $200,000 per speech for at least 27 speeches.

What do you think? Has Hillary Clinton’s massive income over the last 16  months disqualified her from the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination?

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Photo credit: Frederic Legrand /

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