The Obama Administration Has Been Caught In Another Web Of Deception…

The IRS claim that countless emails sent by former official Lois Lerner were destroyed in a hard drive crash has led to widespread speculation that the mishap was actually orchestrated to prevent a thorough investigation into the agency.

Lerner has been implicated in a scheme to unfairly scrutinize conservative organizations prior to the 2010 and 2012 election cycles. A current congressional investigation hoping to determine how many other officials were involved in the targeting has been stymied due to the loss of these vital correspondences.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen was in the hot seat Friday as he testified before Congress regarding the scandal and allegations of a cover-up. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp had some tough questions regarding the agency’s reticence in disclosing relevant information.

“The IRS knew in February or maybe even in March,” he said; “and the Treasury and the White House knew at least in April. But Congress and the American people didn’t find out until June. Were you purposely not telling us? Were you purposely not revealing this to the American people?”

While Koskinen claimed the IRS was simply waiting until a final report was completed, Camp was undeterred in his direct line of questioning.

“So why did the IRS inform the Executive Branch agencies, the White House, the administration, but kept it secret from the Congress who was conducting an investigation?”

The commissioner stuck to his talking point that “when we provide information, we should provide it completely,” explaining his apparent intent was to submit a complete report so that there would be no room for misunderstanding.

Camp retorted, “It’s OK for the White House and Treasury to leap to a conclusion six weeks before the Congress.”

When Koskinen alleged that he had no idea that such a revelation was made, and that he has “no communications with the White House,” Camp’s response grew even more excited.

“You’re the head of the IRS,” he exclaimed. “You don’t know something this important? Contacts between your agency and the Executive Branch? You’re unaware of them?”

Tellingly, Koskinen’s testimony began with his assertion that the IRS has no reason to apologize to investigators or the American public.

“I don’t think an apology is owed,” he stated. “Not a single email has been lost since the start of this investigation.”

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  1. dewiseguy says:

    Oh horseshit! 0bama ordered it!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Waterboard Koskinen that will get the truth out of the lying prick.Loosing these emails from Pignose Lerner was the only way they could keep from involving the white house.Anybody with half a brain knows the head jigaboo ordered this because this is one branch of his new army and Pignose was a general.all those rotten liberals sticking up for the IRS shows the public just how crooked they are.

  3. You better believe Obama knew it and probably ordered it. What a bunch of morons that run the IRS and the white house. How about we stop paying our taxes until those emails are found?

  4. Every US taxpayer with half a brain should know that Obama suggested, if not outright ordered, that Lerner's emails should be destroyed ……. just the same way that he had direct involvement in the IRS' initial scrutiny of conservative groups so that it would help his re-election campaign. The question is: What are we in this country going to do about it? Nothing, probably.

  5. i dont want my grandchildren to be inflensed by the people in office now they dont have my morels they dont respect no one exept who think as they do ,they should be brought to justice and replace all the goverment because the side that oppose them is not doing nothing about it exept allot of grapping about it but letting obama adm. so all in favor of conservitive groups just talk im conservitve but im tired of my getting swept under the rug that what the constition was set up for so kick them out of office and impeach so every one noes we beleive in freedom ect

    • Tonya- I am afraid, it's almost to late. NO one in the government that can make a difference is doing anything about it. Obama and his Administration are breaking laws daily and the American people know it. With over 1000 people coming over our border daily and Muslims taking over all the states. This corrupt government have 2 1/2 more years to go. They will completely destroy this country as we know it. Obama will finish his job. He came in with a mission, he is a muslim he defends them at all cost. Doesn't give christians rights in which this country was founding on. ex: IRS Scandal. Silencing people that don't agree with him. If Congress don't start doing their job America will be paying for illegals and living under Muslims laws. WATCH AND SEE.

  6. READ

  7. mr_bad_example says:

    congress should withhold 100% of funds to the IRS until every e-mail is produced, there are multiple back up servers that back up all e-mails every night in this government, THE DOG DIDN'T EAT THE SERVERS!

  8. Fire them all…investigate until we all know the truth!!!!

  9. 6stufapins says:

    The “suspects” still have freedom enough to destroy evidence. Even now as you read this post, they can be destroying evidence. How does this dysfunctional nation accomplish anything.
    Buck Ofama and his minions.

  10. martin smith says:

    Wake up America,there should be no debate. This muslim in the White House is not stupid. Everything he does is calculated, he knows exactly what he's doing. Most of his life has been influenced by communism. He was raised to despise Americas democracy. He should be arrest (impeached) and executed for treason. When he got re-elected, I remember two statements; The muslim said, "change is coming to America." Well, look what we got! Also, that ignorant from Hollywood said about his lord and savior! "now America is going to see the real o_ _ _ _ ( I can't even address him by his name, (the muslim) The middle class (the majority white) are going to pay for his calculated policies. HE WANTS TO DESTROY AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT!!!!!

  11. Evermyrtle says:

    Obama probably ordered the destruction of the emails.

  12. David G says:

    Smells like WaterGate part 2 too me, a President ordering an illegal act then deny deny deny! OSlobma couldn’t hold a candle to old tricky Dick, boy I’d rather have Nixon in office or even a dead chicken than this evil scumbag antichrist!

  13. I have come to the conclusion the American Obama voters and supporters are stupid,uneducated,marxist leaning and some outright evil.If you partake in the destruction of a country you are liable as you voted in this Muslim Plant Fraud willingly.You are accountable for the destruction and the people should stand up and take back the country ,take the Commie brainwashing out of schools system and restore the country to the great country it once was.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Knussel,
      I came to that same conclusion way before the election of 2012 and Just like you I feel that anyone who voted for this POS Marxist are just as responsible for the destruction of our Country.

      People who voted for this POS deserves to have their freedoms taken from them and live in a communist Country, that is what they voted for.

      • Hi Linda,
        "Have them live in a communist country" well dear Linda that's about what America is now, so they wouldn't have too go far! He is about as evil as Stalin, the only thing that's different is the killing hasn't begun yet, and I truly believe he is stoking the fires to call marshal law so he then could be the supreme leader not just the President! I know that sounds like some conspiracy nut, believe I know it does, but I truly believe he is going to have some kind of racial fight flare up so he can do just that and call out the guard! It scares the snot out of me that this man is being allowed to break every kind of law he sees fit too, then say it's for our own good. I don't know how many on here believe in the Bible, but if you do then you can see all of the end of days prophecy being fulfilled right before your eyes, thank God I believe and have a personal relationship with Christ!

        • Linda From NY says:

          Hi David,
          I try not to admit to it but we have become a Socialist nation with this healthcare which is socialist, and once our freedom of speech is totally gone and our 2nd amendment gone, then we are a full blown communist Country.

          No you are NOT a conspiracy nut, you speak the truth and I am glad to see you are awake, unlike so many that are not. My own family thinks that I am a conspiracy nut, but I don't care I know what is going on and what will come next.

          But most important I too believe in the word of God and Christ, I need to pray to calm down and NOT be so angry at what this man is doing, he does get the better of me and it drives me crazy whenever some moron defends this madman. I know that I need to work on that and pray for God to give me peace and accept that this world will not get better.

          Once again thank you for your words, we are all in this together and it is nice to see people like yourself standing strong in Christ Jesus.

          God Bless you my friend

          • Linda,
            No worries, we are all human, we all get angry and say stuff we wished we wouldn't have. That's the great thing about Jesus, he forgives, all you have to do is ask.


  15. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    So the IRS trace log steps include:
    1) Don’t make any backups.
    2) If HDD has damaging evidence, then do a secure reformat of 1s and 0s, then dispose of with hammer.
    3) Erase all emails from email server after 6 months.
    If this was done at any company, the person who wrote the trace log procedure should be shot. The entire IT department should go to jail. Whatever IP that handles the email server should go to jail.
    The NSA will have this data but obama/holder have already told them to not cooperate. The IRS JUST ABOLISHED THE FOIA! The IRS is too corrupt to continue as is. To regain trust in who we send our money to, it must be abolished and replaced with a fair/flat tax, otherwise from now on just say that you taxes were lost in the mail and there is nothing you can do about it, because you use the sam trace log procedure the IRS uses. Americans are fed up with lawless obama and his make-believe top lawman, holder. Get rid of them by any means. 

  16. Coming to a theater near you: "WHITE HOUSE-GROWN TERRORISTS" starring Obaba Black Sheep (pulling the wool over our eyes) and Eric Wholedirt (always backed up by Obaba). Surprise ending when they disappear ! (Reviewers are invited to Google "Revealed: The Destroyer of Obama's Tyranny" and "The Background Obama Can't Cover Up.")

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