Here’s How America Could Take A Lesson On Border Security From Israel


[On-Location in Jerusalem]

On the O’Reilly Factor in early July of this year, Charles Krauthammer said, “If fences don’t work, why is there one around the White House?”

Krauthammer always has a way of getting right to the point in a brilliant way.  The United States has lost control of its southern border – on purpose I might add.  We now have a situation where if you arrive via airplane into this country, you are thoroughly checked out but the border with Mexico is so porous, thousands are getting through and we don’t even know who they are.  Have we not learned anything from 9/11?  Or do our politicians just not care?  They prefer to take chances with the American public’s safety to score political points.

We all know the Democrats won’t secure the border as they want more illegals to eventually gain citizenship and vote Democrat.  Republicans are scared to death to secure the border as they don’t want to alienate the future Hispanic vote.  If the Republicans can retake the Senate later this year and gain the presidency two years later, it seems there is one last chance to force our government to finally secure the border, then the country can deal with the illegal immigrants already here.

But how would you actually do this in practice?  I agree with Krauthammer.  We can put men on the moon; therefore, it seems to me we could build a fence or barrier that would work.  Yes, it would be expensive but with this barrier in place, we could save millions on other border enforcement costs.  The argument that a fence is not secure and able to be defeated by a simple ladder is simply not a true statement.  But since when has truth mattered to the Left?

Technology and multiple layers of defense can and will stop the flow of illegal immigrants across the border.  In fact, where the small portions of fencing have been put in place on the southern border of the United States, illegal immigration has been radically reduced and has shifted to other portions of the border where there is no fencing.

Today, I visited the barrier Israel constructed between the West Bank and the Israeli.  It is an imposing structure that has reduced terrorist attacks inside Israel by over ninety-nine percent.  It is keeping out people who have a much higher motivation to kill Israelis than migrants wanting to cross the border for a minimum wage job.  Palestinian terrorists have no fear of death; in fact, they seek it out.

The bottom line is the West Bank fence is working to keep these people out for almost a decade now.  Ask any Israeli living in Jerusalem if he wants the fence removed.  When there are terrorist attacks, they tend to be low grade incidents like today when a man used a backhoe to attack a bus in Jerusalem.  They are not the deadly mass casualty suicide bombs that Israelis had to deal with in the past.

The obvious conclusion is that to secure the border, Congress needs to authorize the money to build a barrier along most of the border with Mexico.  It will be much cheaper in the long run than housing and caring for immigrant children and building a small army to patrol the border.  If your politicians won’t make this happen, they need to be removed from office.  My children’s future depends on it.

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