Ron Paul: America Can Be Saved By Doing This One Simple Thing

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Former Congressman Ron Paul recently gave an interview with Anthony Wile of the Daily Bell. Dr. Paul dealt with a number of questions fielded by Wile, including the question of what can be done to restore our constitutional republic.

Dr. Paul said he said he works “on the assumption that you can save the republic but not in a conventional way.”  He does not think the republic is going to be saved by “electing two or three or ten more members of Congress” who are committed to doing the right thing.

Dr. Paul highlighted the critical role played by education in saving the republic, talking about economic education in particular. He says that there are “lots of people waking up” to the falsehoods of Keynesianism. Keynesianism is the belief system that underlies recent attempts to pump fiat currency into our system by former Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke and current Fed chair Janet Yellen, resulting in economic malaise rather than robust growth.

So what prescription does Dr. Paul have for the Federal Reserve, the central bank that has been overseen by Bernanke and Yellen?  He would eventually like to see the Federal Reserve shuttered. He simply says that “we want constitutional money and we want commodity money and we want freedom of choices in it. And that is the important thing.”

Dr. Paul is not just talking about education, either. He has enacted a home school curriculum and also started the Ron Paul Channel to inform people about critical freedom issues.

Paul finds his greatest encouragement in the many young people who are open to pro-liberty ideas.

What do you think of his message? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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  1. home schooling is a great thing, but it would take too long. by the time it produces viable candidates the country will be no more.

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