Here Is Obama’s Latest Insult To Birth Certificate Skeptics

Addressing a crowd of voter identification law opponents in New York City recently, Barack Obama was able to work in a not-so-subtle jab at the millions of Americans who question the legitimacy of his birth certificate. The group often derided by administration flaks as “birthers” have remained persistent in their dissatisfaction with the documents presented so far to bolster his claim at American citizenship.

“Just to be clear,” he said after criticizing those who feel voters should be required to show IDs before casting a ballot, “I know where my birth certificate is.”

As is often the case, Obama seemed to consider himself the funniest guy in the room. He began laughing before hearkening back to the birth certificate debate that reached a climax in 2011.

“You remember that?” he asked rhetorically. “That was crazy. Haven’t thought about that in a while.”

He might have been able to put the issue out of his mind; however, a large number of citizens remain outraged at the dismissive attitude this administration has taken toward its critics.

Obama then got back to the crux of his message: lambasting another group of people in disagreement with his policies.

Voter fraud, evidenced by numerous reports of phenomena including deceased voters and counties with more ballots cast than actual residents, is portrayed as a figment of the GOP’s imagination by many within this administration.

Obama furthered that narrative during his recent speech by calling voter ID proposals a “recent effort to restrict the vote” by Republican leaders. In reality, of course, the movement is interested only in preserving the legitimacy of America’s electoral system.

“Not only is it ultimately bad politics,” he continued, “I believe it ultimately harms the entire country.”

From his perspective, it seems anything that reduces the chance that Democrats can illegitimately rise to power constitutes a national crisis.

Photo credit: Justin Sloan (Creative Commons)

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    This is birther ellen's chat room. Bottom line is after the Alabama hearing, Congress was suppose to do the vetting that was not done for his senate seat in Chicago. So obama lied to Congress and they are too stupid to question the Kenyan!

  2. I have already looked it up, check out Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate. It is the real McCoy! His fraudulent birth certificate was photo shopped and you can tell it is not real for several reasons. 1. It list his fathers race as Kenyan, if it was an American birth certificate it would have said Negro. 2. The hospital he claims that he was born in did not exist in 1961. 3. Kenya was not part of Africa in 1961, Kenya did not become part of Africa until December 1963. 4. The children born before & after Obama says that he was born between the birth certificate numbers do not match up, the numbers are out of order. So where is his real birth certificate. Why in Great Britain of course!

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