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An important organization needs your help to produce videos exposing the truth. 

ArticleTwoSuperPAC Help Support Makers of Georgia Eligibility Video   Article Two Super PAC

The video that was posted on Thursday, showing the important Obama Eligibility Proceedings in Georgia, was produced by Article Two Super Pac.  Listen to them describe themselves:

After four years of exposing the facts related to the correct definition of “natural born Citizen,” a small group of fellow Americans, who are sole proprietors of blogs, joined forces to launch Article II Super PAC; a political vehicle designed to educate the majority of voters on what their vote truly means to the future of America in the election.

Make no mistake, the 2012 election will be like no other recorded in American history. American voters will be heading to the polls with a simple yet powerful choice on November 6, that is, voting for a President/Vice Presidential candidate whose sole allegiance is to the Constitution of the United States of America or NOT!

2012 is the fight of a lifetime for every patriotic red-blooded American!

Which is why we bloggers have come together to launch Article II Super PAC. We have remained on the frontlines since 2008 educating and being educated by our posters, and we are now dedicating our resources to mobilizing, teaching and activating the people to ensure their neighbors, their friends, their colleagues, their elected officials and their families clearly understand what their vote will mean.

Sadly, Americans cannot rely on the mainstream media to report on candidates constitutional eligibility status. Therefore, the responsibility falls on those of us who turned off the news long ago and tuned into the blogosphere – the real American news frontier.

Together, we must succeed in our efforts over the next 11 months to thwart any and all efforts to extinguish our liberties – Our vote must be FOR the United States Constitution.

Article Two Super PAC graciously allowed us to post the video of the Obama Eligibility hearing in order to get the message out to as many people as possible.

They cannot do this important work without your help. Please consider donating to them to help them defray the costs of this video. In addition, they need help to fund future videos that shine a light on important issues that the mainstream media refuses to talk about. Please donate  to them today.

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