Healthcare Absent Under Obamacare?

Barack Obama 10 SC Healthcare Absent Under Obamacare?

One physician wonders if any doctors will be practicing once ObamaCare is fully implemented, and he continues to question the quality of care patients will receive.

In an effort to provide comprehensive healthcare reform, Dr. G. Keith Smith, an Oklahoma-based board-certified anesthesiologist, says officials have failed to recognize human behavior. Lawmakers assume that doctors will continue to work under ObamaCare, even if they are being paid less for their services.

“Whatever the exchange is between the patient and the physician, if it’s not financially mutually beneficial, then that exchange tends to not occur,” he notes.

Dr. Smith explains that when Medicare first started, doctors charged whatever amount they wanted, and as a result, more services were provided. But under ObamaCare, physicians will essentially be demanded by the government to work.

“If the physicians are not willing to see the patients because of price controls, which are built into this bill, there will be people in the streets waving their ObamaCare cards around demanding care in front of a vacant physician’s office,” the anesthesiologist poses. “Or worse — a physician who is in his office who just doesn’t see how financially it makes sense for him to see patients.”

Smith recalls working with an Argentinian hand surgeon who abandoned his practice when the country implemented its own version of ObamaCare. That surgeon eventually began waiting tables because it provided a better income than his previous career.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Before the election, I asked my doctor his thoughts on obamacare. He said he liked it. He wanted it. He couldn't wait for it to be implemented.
    When I questioned the reality of the health care system with obamacare, he got very upset and almost angry. He tried to have me believe that it would be great that everyone would have health care.
    He never answered my question on what the people who had no income and couldn't afford the policies are to do.
    Believe it or not, there are doctors in agreement with obamacare. Why I'll never know.

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