Hawaii Won’t Release Graphic Sex Ed Curriculum

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Concerned parents across the U.S. are growing increasingly outraged with the leftist propaganda being disseminated throughout the nation’s public schools. Whether stemming from the disastrous Common Core curriculum implemented on the federal level or just representing the progressive ideology pervasive among American educators, schools are doing the next generation a disservice through such unrepentant indoctrination.

Even more disturbing than the social engineering being portrayed as education is the secrecy with which many of these programs operate. One of the most egregious recent examples of this trend was exposed by Hawaii State Rep. Bob McDermott.

The Republican legislator explained he was unable to obtain a copy of the state’s new sexual education program designed to expose middle school students to information many parents find wholly inappropriate.

Of course, it is difficult to determine how graphic these lessons are since the Department of Education is adamant in its decision to keep the curriculum secret.

“We are asking the public to demand that all materials used in the Pono Choices program be released to the public, whose tax money has already paid for it to be developed,” McDermott said, “so that they can be informed as to what is being put in front of their innocent children in our public education system.”

To further illustrate his point, McDermott held an enlarged print of an 11-year-old student’s notes from a sex ed class. The notes include explicit definitions for oral, vaginal, and anal sex, all originating from the program that cost Hawaii’s taxpayers almost $1 million.

Furthermore, numerous parents spoke out when they learned their young children were being forced to apply condoms onto phallic replicas.

The state’s DOE, however, apparently sees nothing wrong with providing children with such objectionable information outside of their parents’ purview.

“We are not releasing the curriculum or associated materials to anyone who has not gone through the Pono Choices training,” DOE researcher Kelly Robert wrote in response to McDermott’s inquiry.

This development led the lawmaker to conclude education administrators “claim to know better than parents and state legislators what material is appropriate for their children and will not tolerate interference with their plans.”

Similarly clandestine lessons are being thrust upon children in public schools across the nation. Without the dedicated involvement of parents who demand answers, the next generation is all but guaranteed to be less educated and more indoctrinated than any in America’s history.

–B. Christopher Agee

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