Harry Reid: Republicans Are Addicted To Koch

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Dirty Dingy Harry Reid should talk after all he and his fellow democraps are addicted to George Soros and that progressive Lewis.Beside Dingy should be ashamed of himself calling the people who took it in the rear when they lost good insurance plans to go to the half baked negroes plan liars.If anyone lied it's Obutthole.poopalosi and Dingy himself.

    • Harry Reid is a Criminal – let's look into his past – he stole his election – tell who would vote for this scoundrel? Your time is coming Dirty Harry :0

  2. Dirty Harry is addicted to lies, and criminal activities, George Soros.

  3. What a hypocrite. Oh, like people in his party aren't doing the same thing? By the way, if he's going to slam wealthy people, he'd better slam himself and his president. He's just whining, complaining, and playing the victim. This is why Democrats make poor leaders. They play the victim all the freakin' time. Chief among them is Obama as a prime example of someone that plays the victim. That's not a leader.
    Another thing: why does Reid keep calling our nation a democracy? Doesn't he realize that if that were so, he'd be out of a job, Congress would not exist, and there most definitely wouldn't be a President. Majority rules means mob rule. Everybody has an equal voice? Oh, but if you aren't part of the majority, your voice isn't heard. That's not equal representation. Something else he doesn't realize is that under a true democracy, he can't be at the head of any order. After all, the people can all vote to not have any governors of any kind. The people could very well put it to a vote to have no laws. Does he ever think about what his position insinuates? It's like that mad scientist, bent on global domination, unleashes a powerful monster and believes he can control said powerful monster, only to realize when it's too late that the very monster he unleashed is too big for his control. So, no. Harry Reid doesn't care about a democracy. He doesn't care about the people. He cares about power and how to keep it for himself. He'll do anything, short of outright murder, to hold on to it. Although, if pressed, he may just resort to murder. With a man of his character, you couldn't put it past him. Although, with this man's rant, it's possible he's digging his own grave. The chances are strong that he could be replaced soon. I for one, would not feel sorry for him when and if he's kicked out the door. I would conclude by that point that he did it to himself and I would not be wrong.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    And ReidiculousO’sBitch is addicted to sucking obama Kockk

  5. Talk about calling the kettle black! (no pun intended) Harry Reid is now a running scared little LIAR! What a hypocrite! Who owns ObamaCare? The democRATS! Why were there no Republican input in ObamaCare? They already KNEW in 2010 that it would be a DISASTER! When Obama wanted to implement this disaster, the insurance companies told him it would be a nightmare, gave suggestions, advised him how to do it the way that he wanted, etc. Then Obama turned around & did the exact opposite! Then his ass kisser Harry Reid calls American's liars! I hope that he has PROOF that everyone is lying about their medical conditions. It sure sounds slanderous to me!

  6. Republicans are addicted to Koch? Well, how about you, Harry Reid, you're addicted to Barack Hussein Obama. You're just a rubber stamp for everything Obama says, does and wants. You sir are a SOB!!!!!

  7. Well, whut kan I say?? Dem dimwitted Demidogs harp on the Koch brothers. So what?? The Demidogs have gud ol' George Soros to try to hide. He be da wun what bought Soetoro – body and soul (which I'm not too sure he has one).

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