Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carleton, Washington DC) A Demented Moron

 Harry Reid Jawbone SC Harry Reid (D Ritz Carleton, Washington DC) A Demented Moron

There’s no nice, genteel way to say this. There’s no way to sugar-coat it.

Harry Reid, the senior Senator who allegedly represents the state in which I live, is a moron.  And quite possibly suffering from the onset of dementia. I’m not sure if he’s Barack Obama’s bitch or Barack is his bitch, but the net effect is the same.

He is completely out of control, over his head, and shows no sign of any intelligent brain activity.

I don’t say this lightly.

I actually endorsed him for re-election in 2004 and voted for him as well.

I felt, at the time, that Reid was representing Nevada’s best interests.

But, when he ascended to the rarified air of the Senate leadership, he turned into a mall cop.  You know, give the guy a little power, and he turns into Adolph Hitler on a segway.

Politico reported over the weekend that Reid singl-ehandedly played Dr. Evil (the libs in Washington didn’t actually put it this way) convincing Obama NOT to negotiate.  The Obamacare fight isn’t about jobs or healthcare in Harry’s demented calculus.  It’s purely political.

Harry thinks he’s maneuvered the so-called tea party wing of the House into a losing position, as do most of the establishment pundits in Washington and New York.

He thinks that the public will blame the GOP for the shutdown.

Here’s a question.

What if they gave a shutdown, and nobody came?

This isn’t 1995.  The shutdown of the government will mostly affect…wait for it…non essential government employees.  People who make a whole lot more on average in pay and benefits than the average American. Nobody will die because these people are not working.  And it is probable that nobody will die because the government is shut down. It is just not that important to the daily life of the average American. Unless you are an American sucking on the government’s teat; and even then, there might not be much of an effect.

Under those circumstances, how dumb does Harry think the average American is?

Remember, they said that the so-called fiscal cliff would be a killer.  Sequestration was going to kill us all.

The biggest net effect of sequestration was the ending of tours in the White House.

Harry and Barack are like the little boys crying wolf.  Nobody believes them anymore and, because they live in their bubble, they don’t realize it.

I’m not sure how many nights Harry has spent in the actual state he supposedly represents in the last year, but I’d bet we’re talking in single digits.

And what he learns in his home at the Ritz Carleton in Washington DC is all from the doorman who expects a Christmas tip.

Obama has also learned nothing because a) he’s the smartest guy in the room, and b) nobody on his staff wants to give him bad news.

But it’s not like the other side of the aisle has covered itself in glory, either.

If ever you wanted to go on a RINO hunt, you would have to start in the halls of the Capitol. The so-called Republicans who lined up with the pundits who keep saying that a shutdown is a bad thing are thinking about being re-elected, and that violates the basic rule of fixing things.

If you are more worried about being re-elected than about fixing things, then you are part of the problem and should not be re-elected.

Personally, I would like to see Congress shut down for awhile.

Then, at least, they couldn’t do much to hurt us any more than they already have.

One final word.

Harvey Whittemore, a former Nevada power broker/lobbyist, was just sentenced to two years in prison for raising $133,000 for Reid’s campaign fund at the request of Reid.  He did it by giving family members and employees money, which they then gave Reid.  That wasn’t legal in 2008. After the Citizens’ United decision, all Whittemore would have had to do is write a $133,000 check to Reid’s PAC.

If Whittemore actually has to serve that time, Reid should be in the next cell because it strains credulity that Reid didn’t know exactly what was going on.

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  1. liberty49 says:

    Regardless whether Reid is senile or not, NO ONE MAN SHOULD HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE WHAT IS BROUGHT UP FOR A VOTE OR NOT in the Senate. He should be be in jail over what occurred in the last election, and who is to say that is only time he has been elected by illegal means!

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    This shutdown shows all Americans how many nonessential jobs exist in the bloated government! And if that existed in any company then it would be bankrupt in a second! Government shut down is just not that important to the daily life of the average American, unless you are an American sucking on the government’s tit. How dumb does Harry think the average American is? Nothing is more infuriating than hearing a politician who has failed to act on a single piece of legislation to end a crisis. Reid, also known as the Duke of Do-Nothing, is just such a whiny specimen. His pronouncement that there is no time for Congress to negotiate on Obamacarelessjobkiller is both arrogant and absurd. His finger-pointing at the Republicans is even more infuriating. Memo to Harry: the House of Representatives passed legislation to help Obamacarelessjobkiller. While Reid hasn’t bothered to produce a budget for more than four years out of fear of creating a political issue that might depose him from his Lordship over DumDumville. By refusing to reach a compromise with House Republicans, Reid is playing a dangerous game aiming for complete victory through the political neutering of his foes. His plan depends upon a complicit media to blame the Republicans (SHUT MEDIA UP BY FUNDING ANYTHING THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT), while not mentioning the ramifications of his rejection of the white-flag-waving Boehner’s offers. The truth is that every American is likely to see their paychecks shrink due to Obamacarelessjobkiller because Reid would rather play politics in the expectation that he can affix the blame to his political foes. That’s the sad situation in Washington, D.C., where politics trumps everything else. And if you think this “fight” has been tough, wait until you see what happens with the upcoming debt ceiling and Continuing Resolution wars. Those who are faint of heart need to turn away, because you ain’t seen nothing yet.
    ReidiculousO’sBitch is nothing more that a demented moron, dementia, out of control, over his head, shows no sign of any intelligent brain activity, mall cop, give a little guy a little power, and he turns into Adolph Hitler.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Dingy Harry Reid is nothing but a punch drunk dwarf who took to many shots to the head and now he can't think for himself so Oblowhard tells him what to say and what to do.If the NRA donated money to keep this weasel in the senate.The dwrf calls everyrepublican names while he is nothing but a little Eichmann.If the republicans take control of the senate in2014 then treat the gnome the way he treats them.

  4. This man Harry Reid is a crook and that is a fact, too much power in the wrong hands is what is destroying this Country. Harry Reid knows full well that Obama is a fraud and he is looking the other way. Perhaps he may be on the take and getting kick backs with all the dirty back room deals that goes on, and with this obamacare forcing citizens to buy this healthcare, I wonder how many others with inside information are going to get richer on our expense.

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