If What’s Happening On MSNBC Is Any Clue, Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Stand A Chance

As we head into the 2014 midterm elections with an eye on the 2016 presidential horse race, the claims of Democrat cheerleaders appear increasingly ludicrous and hysterical.

Last week, the ‘news’ coverage on MSNBC was devoted to editorial denunciations of Republicans and wild claims about triumphs by Democrats and Obama.  For example, Rhodes scholar Ed Schultz ‘reported’ that ObamaCare is a tremendous success story because the Kentucky exchange is working.  He predicted voters will rally to their Deliverer come November.

The reality is that about 60% of Americans have opposed ObamaCare all along. The President’s complete mismanagement of the entire process, especially the rollout, has left Democrat candidates diving for the underbrush, desperate to avoid voter wrath.  Another reality Ed ignores is that Barry the Bumbler’s disapproval rating reveals a population moving from fed up to furious.

The Rev. Al was found at his pulpit preaching about the evils of Republican criticism over the Bergdahl bungle, angrily insisting that BHO has saved America from terrorists and bankruptcy. After six years of recession, staggering debt and unemployment, negative GDP this quarter, and looming catastrophe, voters are calling on someone else to save them, as primary results show.  After losing wars and skirmishes and on the diplomatic front pretty much everywhere, if this is salvation, who needs damnation?

Rachel Maddow, more toxic than Sharpton and Schultz combined because she is at least intelligent, pitched her fit this way: look at the hypocrite Republicans condemning presidential good intentions as they criticize an American soldier finally free after five years of self-imposed imprisonment.  Someone should tell Rachel that Democrat critics are as vocal as anyone; but apparently, she does not have ears to hear.

The narrative is always the same, and it is a simple formula easily remembered by all loyal disciples: if something bad happens, blame Republicans and cry ‘racist!’ But if something good happens (still waiting), give Obama lavish praise and applaud, then blame Republicans for not being on board.

Only Chris Matthews showed an understanding of what is actually happening; and to his credit, he commented on the blazing realities before us, basically asking how could Obama be so stupid as to release Taliban killers for one sad sack?

The inescapable truth is that President Putz and his band of bozos bugger up everything they touch.  The list of failures, defeats, catastrophes, scandals, and humiliations paints a picture of multiple train wrecks piling up in the stockyards of Chicago, where cattle, like citizens, await slaughter.

In the end, who needs Fox News when you can watch the house of cards falling on MSNBC?

Things are so bad, Obama can’t even get press coverage as he speaks in Poland about his grand plans to save Ukraine and the world from the Russians and the Chinese, the news now being dominated by Bergdahl and talk of impeachment and the electoral massacre expected in November.

Things are so bad, we see a President reduced to defending a deserter, condemning the deserter’s accusers (the ones who served honorably) even as he returns murderers to the battlefield, assuring us he cares about active duty servicemen and women, Veterans still waiting for medical attention, and ambassadors more nervous than ever about embassy security.

Things are so bad, being a grandmother full time is starting to look like the preferred hard choice for Hillary.  At least she can rest content in the knowledge she won’t face an IRS audit.  Her only hope for change may involve diapers.

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  1. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    …and even IF the GOP wins the midterms in a thrashing landslide, anyone who has been paying attention and is truly honest about the political reality knows they will not change a thing.

    Will they win enough to override any Presidential veto??? NOPE!!! If they actually do propose and vote on and pass changes in both Houses of Congress to Obamacare, will they have enough votes to override a Presidential veto??? NOPE!!! Forget about Repeal of Obamacare – not gonna happen!

    Will they ever impeach Obama even when they have majorities in both Houses of Congress??? NOPE!!! They'll never get a majority in the Senate large enough to evict Usurper Obama from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue even if they win in a landslide. As already evidenced by their behavior heretofore, they could care less about Obama's lack of Constitutional credentials or even his criminal use of a deceased man's SSN. The Crimocracy in the District of Criminals couldn't give a rat's a$$ now about the Treason they commit now daily in broad daylight by refusing to follow their oaths of office.

    Right now, Obama's goon squads, who have already committed the political murders of Andrew Breitbart, Tom Clancy, Bill Gwatney, and Michael Hastings with not even an inquiring word from Congress, could arrest every single one of you reading this website and put you all in FEMA Camps as political dissidents and even behead all of you as "domestic terrorists" and this Congress and the next one, even with a GOP Supermajority, wouldn't give a tinker's dam!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    How many people listen to assholes like Madcow the pillow biter, Fatass Schultz or that escapee from the monkey cage Rev Dickhead Sharpton.If anyone listens to their crap then you must assume that they are the lowlifes Obutthole is trying to take care off.

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