Happy Memorial Day.

flag day 300x224 Happy Memorial Day.
Across continents and in many foreign lands are resting the best that America has to offer….her citizen soldiers. Our veterans, of all wars, both living and dead are a reminder to America and the world what the cost of freedom entails. Those men and women of all branches of our military should be proud of their service and America should honor them accordingly this day. From the Revolutionary War to the mountains of Afghanistan our country has seen the sentinels of our military stand on that wall that separates us from the oppression and domination of a world gone crazy.

These men and women carry within themselves the stories of war that may or may never be told. Tales of bravery, courage, self sacrifice, compassion, brutality, and the horrors of war that they are left to deal with long after the guns have gone silent. The sights and sounds of conflict left an everlasting impression on them that people may never see. Others have more visible signs of their service. We need to honor them all.

We give respect to those who wear the Congressional Medal of Honor for having gone above and beyond for their country. We honor those with the Purple Heart and every well deserved medal in between. This holiday is our time to reflect back on those people who so proudly served and sacrificed and who we loved very much. Our moms and dads, our brothers and sisters, our aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews granddads, and grandmothers. Our loved ones who went to war and never came home again.

There is a lot of division in this country but the one thing we should be united on is our appreciation, honor and respect that we owe those who stand in harm’s way to keep us strong and free! We will be thinking of all of you as we honor our late war heroes this holiday. May your hot dog, BBQ chicken or whatever you might be enjoying this year taste that much sweeter knowing that we have citizens who are willing to give that last full measure to protect our way of life. May God bless you all this Memorial Day’

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