Happy Hanukkah

Menorah SC Happy Hanukkah

As your Jewish friends celebrate Hanukkah this year, let this commemoration also remind you that preparations are presently underway to set the stage for the final countdown.

Each year, around the time we prepare to celebrate Christmas, our Jewish friends celebrate Hanukkah. This year it starts at nightfall on December 8th and continues for eight days through December 16th.

It may come as a surprise to many of our readers that this holiday is alluded to in the New Testament. (Whereas Christmas is not: the observation of Christmas began in 354 a.d. from an adaptation of established pagan holidays. While there are several defendable estimates regarding the birthday of Christ, we know it was not in winter: the flocks were in open field, indicating sometime prior to October.)

In fact, Hanukkah highlights an historical event that Jesus Himself pointed to as the key to understanding the prophecies concerning His return!

The Mystery in John 10

John Chapter 10 is, of course, the famous Good Shepherd discourse. It clearly speaks for itself and won’t be dealt with here. Verse 22, however, seems to be a strange inclusion: right in the middle of this chapter the Holy Spirit notes the following:

And it was at Jerusalem the feast of dedication, and it was winter.

— John 10:22

Why is this reference here?

Read More at khouse.org . By Dr. Chuck Missler.

By alansf (Creative Commons)

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  1. I am not Jewish, but Happy Hanukka to all the Jewish people anway. I celebrate Christmas, on this date, because no matter when, or where Jesus Christ was born, the FACT IS, HE WAS BORN! The fact and the importance of the whole idea of Christmas is that JESUS CHRIST WAS BORN TO BE THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND! He lived and died, so that we might have eternal life. So, when He was born, and where He was born might be a mystery, HE was BORN! So, we celebrate this date to CELEBRATE THE FACT OF HIS BIRTH UPON THE EARTH IN HUMAN FORM, TO BE OUR SAVIOR! Otherwise, there would be NO CHRISTMAS AT ALL! No Santa, no lights, no time of celebration, no nothing, because there would be no reason to do anything special, just another day in the winter. We’d all go to work as usual, and no one would get any gifts, and children wouldn’t be looking forward to Christmas morning, with their eyes all big and bright, and adults wouldn’t be able to enjoy watching these children have the times of their lives, and there would be no memories for any of us later in life………….you get my drift here? Without JESUS CHRIST AND HIS BIRTH, at SOME POINT IN TIME, THERE WOULD BE NO CHRISTMAS! JESUS CHRIST IS THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON! Old Claus came a lot later! And even he wouldn’t be a figure in all this if NOT FOR JESUS CHRIST! The two are not in any way related, but one followed the other, because of the FIRST! St. Nick……there would be no saints without JESUS CHRIST EITHER! All of what this nation ever was, and ever beleived, is because of the BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST! And without HIM, we are NOTHING AT ALL! NOT ONE THING! So, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HANUKKA TO ALL!!!!

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I wish to say Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate this time. I also say Merry Christmas to those who celebrate this holiday. I don't accept the made up time of kwanzaa. This is just something the Blacks came up with to be "different" from the White man.
    Having said that, I agree that Hanukkah is based on Biblical scripture. Christmas is basically a remembrance holiday that's also spoke about in the Bible. Not that it's right or wrong, it just is. The Bible clearly talks about Christmas trees in Jeremiah 10:1-5.
    Now while the Jewish community follows Gods word by honoring Hanukkah, they fail with the believe that Jesus never rose from the dead. His resurrection is clearly stated in the same words as Hanukkah is spoke about.
    That's why articles like this trying to portray "their" beliefs to be the one and only true belief is wrong.
    I understand, and appreciate, defending your beliefs. You just have no footing to claim your belief is the correct one while calling another's a pagan belief.
    If people were honest, and objective, they would find only one "belief" truly closely follows scripture. That's the Amish. While they're not perfect either, no other religion comes as close to following what the Bible says.
    So before you start calling other religions as pagan, take a step back and look at what your's says.
    This is supposed to be a time of peace on Earth. Can't we do that without the attacks?
    Doesn't a belief in God take a big enough beating already without those who profess to follow God helping in the attack?

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