Hail To The Chief? Redskins Owner Says ‘No’

Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Creative Commons)

We reported over the weekend of President Obama’s remarks about a name change for the beloved Washington Redskins. This is the NFL team of our nation’s capital – led by Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin III. Our opinion at Thoughtful Women was echoed by our executive editor – a devoted Washington Redskins fan – who took the position that 81 years tradition and pride should not be overlooked. 

Today, Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, penned this note to the Redskins Nation. I hope the President reads this letter. Mr. Obama has been in Washington for five years now, but seemingly did not understand the rich pride and history of the team. Hail to the Redskins!!

To Everyone in our Washington Redskins Nation:

As loyal fans, you deserve to know that everyone in the Washington Redskins organization – our players, coaches and staff – are truly privileged to represent this team and everything it stands for.  We are relentlessly committed to our fans and to the sustained long-term success of this franchise.

That’s why I want to reach out to you – our fans – about a topic I wish to address directly: the team name, “Washington Redskins.”  While our focus is firmly on the playing field, it is important that you hear straight from me on this issue.  As the owner of the Redskins and a lifelong fan of the team, here is what I believe … and why I believe it.

Read more at Thoughtful Women.

Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Creative Commons)

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  1. BRAVO to that owner!!!

  2. Finally, a man who knows how to stand his ground! I love it!

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    If I spend $500 million on something, I can name it whatever I want until you buy it from me. I would love to buy the "Redskins" and call them the "ObamaButtFuckers"

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Until this was pushed into the 'White man's' world after a decade in the courts, and until Natives are being called 'whiners' for asking an offensive derogatory term not be used as the name of a team, I was neither 'offended' or not. I just accepted that stereotyping and slurs are acceptable to use just toward Natives.
    I always thought that there was a good section of people that would not follow what they are told, but now I see otherwise. I now dismiss the 'sheeple' and 'obot' claims. That's exactly what you're doing for this team owner.
    After the owner was losing in the courts, where it's been forever, he took it into the public where it doesn't belong. Unfortunately, everyone followed suit.

    I agree the owner should be able to name his team anything he wishes. Just like I should be able to name a team I own the ni gg ers or even the nigglets. But hey, I'm not allowed to even SPELL the name! Maybe have a little black man with a groin strap, holding a spear, corn rolls in his hair jumping around!
    Let's change the mascot for the Fighting Irish to a short little fat balding man with overalls and a bottle in one hand, 'whooping' it up acting like he's drunk! Wouldn't THAT be an HONOR to them? I have the RIGHT don't I?

    How about the Chinks? Or the Gooks? Taigs or Dago's? Wops or Kikes? These are not 'acceptable' names for teams?
    Why not? You want to slam Natives for ASKING the offensive 'redskin' name be changed.

    Natives have never asked for reparations, our 'land back' or any kind of special treatment. Why is it considered so wrong for us to ask we be given simple respect as others are given?

    I can't wait to see the comments claiming I'm 'whining' and other rude comments. I know they're coming.
    I used to stand behind the White man when he 'whines' about the Blacks being leeches or illegal aliens taking 'their' jobs. I, and many like me, might have to rethink where we stand.

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