Hagel’s Own Words Are Fodder For Critics

Chuck Hagel SC2 Hagel’s own words are fodder for critics

WASHINGTON (OfficialWire) — Chuck Hagel was blunt-spoken in the Senate, even when bucking fellow Republicans. Now opponents in his own party and elsewhere are using Hagel’s words against him.

The Vietnam veteran and former two-term senator from Nebraska will need to explain some of his comments and views as President Barack Obama’s choice for the next secretary of defense. A look at past remarks likely to come up during his confirmation hearing:

Hagel, who says he’s a strong supporter of Israel, stirred bad feelings by referring to pro-Israeli interests as “the Jewish lobby” and suggesting they wield undue power in Washington.

“The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people. … I’ve always argued against some of the dumb things they do, because I don’t think it’s in the interest of Israel,” Hagel told former Mideast peace negotiator and author Aaron David Miller in a 2006 interview.

Hagel continued: “I’m not an Israeli senator. I’m a United States senator. I support Israel, but my first interest is, I take an oath of office to the Constitution of the United States, not to a president, not to a party, not to Israel.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This guy is just to unamerican to be Sec.of Defense,he's another Turban Durbin.He most likely shot himself in Viet Nam like Lurch Kerry.

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