Gun Control Advocates Deliberately Facilitated The Murders At Sandy Hook


guns SC Gun control advocates deliberately facilitated the murders at Sandy Hook

Advocates of overturning the right to keep and bear arms have spent years deliberately turning innocents into victims of slaughter for the purpose of disarming the American people.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” they say. Gun-control zealots are predictably out in force after the Sandy Hook killings. For in the perverted mind of confiscation, supporters like Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama, the murder of twenty kindergarten students represents a long-awaited opportunity to embarrass weak-kneed defenders of the Second Amendment into relenting to a nationwide assault against the foremost liberty of the American people.

On December 19th, New York Mayor Bloomberg favored USA Today readers with a 6 point guide to “stop gun madness.”

And like every previous claim of the hypocritical founder of Mayors Against (Illegal) Guns (Bloomberg enjoys the 24/7 protection of taxpayer funded, armed bodyguards as he denies gun ownership to fellow New Yorkers), the essay by Bloomberg is a study in calculated misdirection. For Bloomberg and other proponents of “common sense gun legislation” know full well that their proposed ban on the sale of “assault rifles” and “high-capacity” magazines will have no effect on gun crime.

Why craft legislation which purposely disarms only law abiding Americans? Why create and proudly advertise the existence of “gun free zones” which render countless people utterly defenseless against wanton killers?

If plans for gun confiscation are to succeed, the Left knows it must make firearms a loathsome commodity to an increasingly pro-gun populace. What better way to accomplish such a goal than to facilitate by statute the most murderous fantasies of psychopaths intent upon making their names and deeds part of American history?

So legislation was passed which guaranteed an unlimited supply of defenseless victims for prospective mass murderers.  Gun free zones, though represented as safe havens, were knowingly and deliberately fashioned to facilitate leisurely slaughter as they provide only for the security and convenience of armed killers, not their statutorily disarmed victims.

And it was at Sandy Hook that the fondest wishes of gun-confiscation advocates have been granted. Knowing they will never have a better opportunity of success, Michael Bloomberg and other self-absorbed elitists will press demands for firearm bans and restrictions as never before. After all, only unfeeling monsters could defend Second Amendment rights in the face of twenty brutally murdered children.

What sort of perverse, diseased mind is required to deliberately legislate the assured slaughter of innocents in order to advance a political agenda? Perhaps the sort which has been so eagerly involved in promoting the murder of infants for decades.

Soon the banning of specified firearms will begin. When the next psychopath proves this latest gun control legislation to also be ineffective by design, another even more audacious round of gun bans will ensue. Then another and another until confiscation is deemed the “final solution” necessary for the protection of the people. From that day forward, self-defense will consist of begging for one’s life rather than defending it on equal terms!

It is then that the second American Revolution will begin as those who refuse to submit to the Left’s long anticipated decree of slavery will resist by every means at their command.

I only hope I’m around to fire the first shot.

Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith (Creative Commons)

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  1. stan....s.c. says:

    From reports, I'm thinking the Sandy Hood tragedy was a "False Flag" event for these purposes . Something Bad is going down, and this administration has more than their hands covered in Blood ! The cover-up by the MSM is Stifling ! A Revolt is becoming more of a Reality ! Semper Fidelis

  2. Gun ownership gives you power, independence and RESPECT. Liberals don’t think you deserve that! Only they do that is why only they can have guns, but not YOU!

    You don’t deserve power, you don’t deserve independence, you don’t deserve respect! Thus they seek to disarm you, do away with your Constitutional rights, and enslave you.

    Whenever you put liberals in power you put someone with mental disorder to rule you. In short, madmen whose only lust is to bring human misery and suffering.

  3. The sick, twisted mind that is “obama”! Only a mu SLIME could own such a depraved and mentally deranged mass of grey inside a nappy head such as his. He, and the “media,” and all those who support this unhinged peice of garbage from no one knows where, are the ones who, if the Revloution should begin, those are the ones who should be the first ones to pay for their crimes against the people of the United States, and especially, for the crime commited against those children in Newtown, CT. For it is they who are most responsible for this madman, this evil minded man being able, and allowed, yes, ALLOWED, to enter that school and murder those children, and teachers. Adam Lanza pulled the trigger, but those in Washington, and the “media/reporters/newsoutlets” are the ones who bear the biggest burden of responsibility for this horrific mass murder to have taken place. To place the blame on the shoulders of those who are the cause of it is nothing less than fair and honest speaking. Each time the evening “news” comes across our tv screens, we are met by the faces of liars of the highest order, and each one of them are as responsible for those deaths as is the man who pulled the trigger and murdered those children and teachers. They will not be satisfied until there are even more murders of this kind, so that they can “win” the argument, and take from us any ability at all to defend that which we hold most dear to us all, our children!!!!!!!!!! This is the agenda of the Enemy in Office, and of all those who support him! And, it is this which make them all Traitors, and Enemies of the United States of America!

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    And so the assault against our Second Amendment continues. Today, two firemen were killed in an apparent setup. It is still unknown who did it or why.
    They found a man dead OUTSIDE of the scene. It is UNKNOWN if he committed suicide or was killed by law enforcement.
    This brings MANY questions. Some of which are if he committed suicide, WHY did he? They knew nothing about him. They had no idea he was even involved. Why would he take his own life without even being known and SO FAR from the crime scene?
    But of course the "assault" would be committed by a known felon recently released from prison for a previous violent act. Now his sister is "missing". I'm confident she will be found dead. Probably shot.
    Another question is IF an officer was involved in his death, shouldn't they KNOW about it? What officer shot and WHY? Why DIDN'T they know? Isn't an officer REQUIRED to report the discharge of his firearm? Especially when it ends in a death.
    I think this is the most TROUBLING question of all. I'm confident they will "find" he committed suicide.
    We all know an "assault rifle" will have been used. In fact, the officer calling in the assault at the time made SURE he made the statement "an assault rifle" when he had NO IDEA what he was being fired at with.
    Something is amiss here. Be ready. The disarmament is coming soon.

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