Groups Across The Country Are Uniting To Do Something Huge That Could Terrify Obama

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As Barack Obama’s critics have increasingly heralded impeachment as an appropriate response to his perceived abuses of power, a number of conservative organizations have banded together to endorse a project meant to facilitate that end.

According to the movement’s website, National Impeach Obama Week will begin Aug. 23 and extend until the end of the month. Organizers are calling on citizens from across the U.S. to lead protests and demonstrations as well as initiate letter-writing campaigns aimed at elected officials and local media sources.

In addition to protests at state capitols from coast to coast, the site also lists a number of other demonstrations planned throughout the nation. There is still time to organize additional events, organizers note.

“To have a protest in your area,” the site explains, “just find a likely spot in a safe neighborhood and have it listed here.”

Preferred locations include “busy street corners” or government buildings.

“Overpasses are good prospects that have fences to keep signs from dropping into traffic and, if possible, with parking and public facilities nearby,” the site noted.

Those planning demonstrations are encouraged to invite participants via social media. Anyone interested can contact the website’s curators to further promote the event.

Although many of the listed endorsements are from conservative and Tea Party groups, organizers of National Impeach Obama Week indicate the idea is also backed by affiliates of the Occupy movement and a number of committed Democrats.

“Endorsing this protest means only that we agree that Barack Obama must be exposed and removed from office,” the site concluded, “not that we necessarily agree on all issues or reasons to impeach.”

Addressing the issue some raise regarding how a push toward impeachment might negatively affect the Republican Party, organizers indicate that partisan repercussions are not a primary concern.

“We are doing it to support the Constitution and law,” the site states. “If our supporting the Constituion hurts the Republican Party, then so be it.”

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Photo credit: Everett Collection /

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  1. The constitution has been trampled on by Bush and now Obama…'s time to stop all usurpers

  2. All government officials, including the president and all members of Congress, had better begin listening to the legal American citizens of America. They have all forgotten that we, the legal citizens of our United States are their employers; they are employees of the legal citizens of America. If not, there will be a huge number of "pink slips" distributed at the next elections.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You know G I don't believe they care to much because they get all those great benefits

      • Well of course you are right . $ 178.000 plus a life time income along with all of the other items
        personal care , medical, free travel , inside trading , . we need to bring their income in line with
        all of the rest of us. put them on S.S. along with the rest of us. the average S.S. income is $1,200.
        per month.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    My hope and prayers are that somethinggood will come with these groups protesting the Golfer.Nothing seems to bother the bunny because the press is his friends no matter how much he screws them.

  4. Its obvious that the country is peeved at Obama.. that is why congress should be removing him, without all the rallies that will be formed on the date mentioned. It's ridiculous that the People have to do this. Obama has done more than enough for him to be removed. Its well overdue.

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