Groundbreaking Study Pokes Holes In Every Global Warming Myth


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While pompous airbag Al Gore is quick to demonize anyone who challenges his radical views regarding climate change, a recent study shows that he and his ilk are the ones truly out of touch with reality.

Climate Depot, using statistics from a variety of meteorological sources, compiled the results of weather trends so far this year. In conclusion, researchers found that 2013 has been one of the mildest years on record.

When Gore and company began spreading their apocalyptic message, their greatest concern was global warming. In light of data that contradicts their hypothesis, the term was re-branded as “climate change,” allowing activists the wiggle room necessary to continue their campaign of fear and intimidation.

Still, according to the recent study, America is experiencing none of the extreme temperatures all but guaranteed by alarmists a decade ago. In fact, of the five summers with the highest number of recorded 100 degree days, the most recent was 33 years ago. Three of the five occurred in the 1930s.

Radical adherents to the climate change narrative have learned not to rely strictly on temperature, however, choosing to blame any unusual weather events on man-caused pollutants. Unfortunately for them, the study shows that such occurrences are also trending downward.

While tornado levels are at the lowest point since at least the last millennium, this year’s hurricane season is experiencing an especially weak start. Only two such storms — both extremely weak — have formed in the Atlantic Basin; and the first hurricane formation came at the second-latest date in 70 years.

During years with relatively low hurricane activity off of the east coast, Pacific storms generally increase. That is not the case this year, the study finds, noting that 2013 is the first year since 1968 that a major hurricane has not formed by this point in the year off of either coast.

According to the Accumulated Cyclone Energy index, which measures tropical storms based on both length and strength, this year’s activity is just over a quarter as strong as the recent average. The result also marks the seventh-lowest level since 1950.

Finally, the report states that the last major hurricane — indicated by a category 3 storm or higher — struck the U.S. in 2005. This represents the longest stretch without a disastrous storm since the mid 19th century.

Conservatives, along with anyone skeptical of the tenuous evidence regarding man-made climate change, have long been chastised and derided for their ability to use reason. Judging from the trends outlined in this study, however, the faithful environmentalists perpetuating that myth will have to find a new way to distort the weather.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath



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