Green Energy Cronyism Leads To The White House

White House SC Green Energy Cronyism Leads to the White House

Green energy failures under President Barack Obama’s Department of Energy are nothing new. However, it is becoming apparent that the cronyism behind these loans could lead all the way to the White House.

The most infamous of green energy failures was, of course, Solyndra. It was discovered that George Kaiser, the man who secured $535 million in government loan guarantees for Solyndra also gave money to Obama and causes close to administration officials. As you may know, Michelle Obama used to work at the University of Chicago Medical Center, as did several of Obama’s advisors. Kaiser donated to the First Lady’s pet project at that organization, the Urban Health Initiative.

Next, let’s take a look at BrightSource Energy, a power-tower solar thermal system company in Nevada. Not only did Harry Reid receive campaign donations from BrighSource executives, the CEO John Woolard also held a fundraiser for him in 2010. Woolard also donated to the Obama Campaign and has visited the White House numerous times since Obama took office. Other Obama donors include Sanjay Wagle, an executive with one of BrightSource’s major stakeholders. Wagle was also an advisor at the DOE at the time the loan was approved, which should have raised eyebrows. BrightSource Chairman John Bryson became Obama’s Secretary of Commerce. It certainly causes one to suspect cronyism in their $737 million loan.

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  1. Mutantone says:

    I say we suspend the elections until all the evidence is in on Obama’s Benghazi Cover-Up, All the 'Fast and Furious" events not just the one that they have kept the focus on, and then all the Money that was sent back up stream to Obama's pockets from all the tax payers funds spent on the "Green Energy companies" and then if, and only if, he is cleared of all the scum then hold the elections. Why waste our time and efforts to reelect Obama only to take him to trial for his corruption, illegal activities and treasonous acts, investigate it all first say I.

  2. I wonder just who ends up with the money that seems to disappear? Maybe Piglosi's brother in law, by any chance? Wonder how much he had to kick back and how much he kept?

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