Green Cars: California’s Next Entitlement?

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There seems to be no limit to the increasing number of services and products the left will promise Americans in exchange for their vote. What was initially described as a welfare program designed to provide the basic necessities to our nation’s poor has become a behemoth entitlement system that rewards the lazy.

Conservatives have rightfully criticized wasteful programs in the past. One recent example is the program that improperly distributed so-called “Obama phones” to ineligible recipients or individuals who had already received the government subsidized communication plan. While the waste associated with this program has been extensive, a proposal recently announced by the California Air Resources Board could put it to shame.

Citing the transportation needs of the state’s low income residents, the board has suggested using taxpayer money to purchase vehicles for them. Of course, since this is being proposed in California, the only cars being considered for the program are the most environmentally friendly on the market.

For instance, one version of the plan would provide struggling Californians with a brand new, $21,000, electric-powered Nissan Leaf. This move would require workers to forego even more of their earnings to purchase a vehicle for someone else that many could not afford to buy for themselves.

Furthermore, the board has suggested a major bump to the state’s voucher system, which was designed to encourage the purchase of greener vehicles. While the much-maligned “Cash for Clunkers” program of a few years ago was widely panned as ineffective and wasteful, members of the CARB want to double down by providing up to $18,000 in “free” money for families trading into a new car.

Though a board spokesperson claimed the program was concerned with ensuring “low-income people can also get into these clean vehicles,” the confiscatory taxes involved would likely succeed only in creating more poor Californians.

In the end, however, programs such as these are not designed to remedy any socioeconomic issues plaguing our nation. The left wants to make sure those on the bottom remain there, hopelessly dependent on the government.

Considering their endless string of disastrous policies, such subterfuge is the only hope Democrats have of winning future elections.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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