Graphic Photos Show What The BLM Really Did To Bundy’s Cows

According to several reports breaking on social media Wednesday, federal agents targeting the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nev. did much more than merely herd hundreds of cows away from the site prior to backing down from their position Saturday. The following graphic images are being distributed by the Bundy Ranch as proof that multiple head of cattle were slaughtered, apparently under the direction of federal Bureau of Land Management officers.

bundy cows 6

Some close-up shots reportedly reveal the entrance point of wounds that took down the family’s livestock.

bundy cows 5

The photos show the dead and decaying cattle, offering little room for speculation beyond the assumption that BLM agents were complicit in their deaths.

bundy cows 3

With elected officials, including Democrat Sen. Harry Reid, declaring the standoff is “not over,” many worry the government’s apparent predilection for violence could easily spill over to include human targets.

bundy cows 4

Many outraged commenters have pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of leftist animal rights groups who, at this point, have remained largely silent regarding allegations of cattle mistreatment on the ranch by federal forces.

Bundys dead-cattle

Photos: Facebook/Bundy Ranch

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  1. Put Obama,Biden,Kornze, Reid in Jail today along with the rest of the BLM thugs!


    • elmcqueeen3 says:

      The Gubment will pull another Osama Bin Laden raid at 3 AM when everyone is asleep in bed…Helicopters flying overhead dropping Swat team members down on the ranch compound like hell hath no furry…I wouldn't expect many of the Bundy family to make it out alive!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Those dirty bastards that did that to those animals should be hung by their balls along with Dingy Harry,Rory Kornze,BiteMe. Wimpy Holder and the mongrel cur called Obutthole.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    What the fuuk is wrong with Reid and the BLM

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