Governmental Terrorists Thwarted (This Time)

Name another nation on the face of this earth where its free citizenry, fully armed, can lawfully have a real, face-to-face showdown with its armed government. You can’t.

The Bundy video footage that managed to air showed us all something that I’m certain big brother Barack and his boys did not at all anticipate or appreciate: Specifically, there were lots of people out there in Nevada, afoot and horseback, with guns at their sides – filled with live ammo. Whether or not spectator Americans fully realized what they were seeing, our fellow citizens in protest were entirely prepared to resurrect the spirit of precisely why our Constitution’s Second Amendment was originally penned. To me,  seeing both their resolve and fearless presence of weaponry was a wonderful sight!

When Dennis Michael Lynch, despite several warnings from the heavily armed BLM guards, carefully approached a blockade, not a shot was fired. I have to believe that delicate moment’s peace was largely due to the feds comprehending the probability of returned fire from these Americans who would not ‘go quietly.’ They should thank God there was a controlling, civilian presence there in front of them, because the nanosecond a government firing pin hit a cap, a Hydra of the worst nightmares would rear its ugly heads for our president and his machine (like nothing they’d ever bargained for). It would make 9-11 look like a church picnic – maybe even starting a cascading series of other armed and lethal confrontations, nationally. Should I not mention this?

OUR Bureau of Land Management/Park Services rolled up, armed to the teeth, prepared to secure a fence in order to keep free Americans from entering a portion of free America. They brought guns – powerful guns – to help contain and intimidate a threatening force of ‘domestic terrorists’ (as so described by an angry and cocky Harry Reid). The point is well made regarding this administration’s sleepy tolerance of Mexico’s free-flowing hemorrhage of future liberal-American voting stock (in addition to possible terrorists) while flaunting its determination to keep law-abiding, taxpaying, freeborn Americans muzzled and in line. The contrast there simply does not compute (at least, it shouldn’t).

If there is a litmus by which a people might detect when a government is out of control, the abuse that’s been so deliberately and maliciously measured out against a farmer’s dumb cattle should amply serve as a start for that. In a thinly veiled attempt to secure a piece of land, maybe even for personal gain, public servants on the public’s payroll made a feast for the flies in using a man’s livestock for target practice, and pulverizing a nearly extinct turtle’s den for maybe some cheap thrills in government-owned, four-wheel-drive SUVs.

And just why is it we are not supposed to say anything about that? Or does taking issue with that make me a ‘domestic terrorist?’ Forget about it.

In the light of our liberties so rapidly waning here in America, I consider all the busted, bloody heads of protesters in Kiev, Tiananmen Square, and elsewhere historically; and I quietly ask, “Is that what you want for us, Barry? Will that fulfill your communist father’s dreams – to systematically force Americans into that same disarmed and fawning submission? Will you not be content in your ‘audacity’ until every American home remains ‘down by law’ and effectively opened to all your jack-booted storm troopers?”

Bottom line – and this shouldn’t even have to be rehearsed – the Second Amendment never had anything to do with hunting or target practice. Back in the day of its inception, those two activities were considered standard operation for merely feeding one’s family – no sense in ‘legalizing’ that. No, the Second Amendment has always been about ‘We the People’ being able to stand our ground when an overgrown government (ours or another one) no longer recognizes any other arbiter beyond its own brute force.

Ultimately, when our right to bear arms has been fully stolen from us, we really will be sheep for anyone’s shearing.

The Bundy family’s confrontation has shown us many things – about ourselves and about the license assumed by a leadership that demonstrates less and less accountability before us. Ronald Reagan was so right when he said, “Either you will control your government, or your government will control you.”

This time, thank God, it was still only a standoff. Next go-round, after we’ve handed all our guns to the State or the UN, anyone who has enough of his own ‘audacity’ to say ‘NO’ to unbridled and unconstitutional authority will not walk away to tell anyone about it. World history amply documents that concept.


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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    reid is a domestic terrorist for singularly destroying congress from doing any work. he should be sued to the highest extend of the law

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