Government The “Guilty Accomplice” Of Sandy Hook Killer

School1 Government the “Guilty accomplice” of Sandy Hook killer

Strange, isn’t it, that cowardly mass killers never seem to “ply their trade” at pistol ranges or shooting events throughout the nation. No, they inevitably choose government-mandated “gun free zones” in which no prospective victim has the means to defend either himself or anyone in his charge.

After the murders at Sandy Hook, gun grabbers are out in force demanding that something at last be done about the “all-too-easy” accessibility of firearms. The NY Times points out that Barack Obama “wiped the corner of his eye” during an address to the American public. We’re supposed to believe it was the cruel murder of these children that caused a purportedly emotional response in the president. More likely, it was unbounded joy at the opportunity this tragedy provides in the left’s ongoing battle against the right of self-defense.

After all, are we to believe that this lifelong supporter of infanticide gives a damn about the death of a few children who had simply escaped an earlier fate at the hands of Planned Parenthood? Does anyone remember the image of Bill Clinton suddenly beginning to weep at the funeral of Ron Brown after being unexpectedly caught laughing on camera at a joke someone had told him?

Obama, the Brady Bunch, Michael Bloomberg, Diane Feinstein, and the rest of those who advocate gun confiscation under the guise of “common sense legislation” regret one thing only–that even MORE children weren’t killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School so as to further weaken the resolve of the NRA and other 2nd Amendment rights organizations and supporters.

“There are more good guys than bad guys in the world,” writes Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes.  “But the good guys need to be able to stop the bad guys, and that means they need to be armed so they can stop the bad guys on the spot, without having to wait for “official” government approved good guys to respond.”

Self-defense was forbidden by government proclamation at Sandy Hook. Any notion of being prepared to defend one’s life, or that of 7-year old child, would be met with fines and imprisonment, imposed by those who believe that the best response to violence is to render its victims defenseless!

The evil and deranged will be with us forever. To think they will somehow be deterred from horrific acts because their prospective victims are legally prevented from fighting back is an affront to common sense. Stewart Rhodes was right when he called the Federal Government “…complicit in the deaths of these children, and in fact an accessory to their mass murder, by forcibly disarming…all the teachers, all the staff, and any parent who may have been on school property.”

After the murders at Sandy Hook, Mayors against Illegal Guns founder and gun confiscation advocate Michael Bloomberg called for “immediate action,” saying “…it’s still almost impossible to believe that a mass shooting in a kindergarten class could happen.” Impossible to believe, Mr. Mayor? How can that be when you and your ilk campaign so ardently for the implementation of “gun free zones” throughout the nation?! You demand that law-abiding Americans be disarmed and rendered defenseless, yet profess disbelief when a lunatic so predictably takes advantage!

And killers are indeed taking advantage of your campaign against the right to keep and bear arms, Mr. Mayor. They are taking advantage of defenseless people in the gun-free zones that you create. Now why not have the courage of your convictions and explain that to the parents of Sandy Hook’s dead?

Photo Credit: kjarrett (Creative Commons)

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  1. For sure Obama does not care about the murder of 20 white children that likely would not vote his way…..No tears all show…….Impeach and remove the a word.

    • we the people,who are the real government,i call the wh twice a week 1-202-456-1111,and tell them this we the people who are the real government,demand ovomit be immediately arrested for derelict of dutys,for not upholding the oath of office,to protect and defend we the people,and the constititution from all terrorists foreign and domestic.4 americans were wrongfully murdered in bengazi,and ovomit lied and said the attack was because of a video,thats a lie,and continued to lie for weeks about the attack,this is treason against we the people,and the constitituion,and ovomit has a ss# that belongs to a dead 119 yr old connecticut person,that a felony/fraud/treason,ovomit has all his records sealed/hidden,and sppends millions to keep them hidden/sealed.that frauud/felony/treason.usually at this point they will hang up on me,and this is the wh,for which they are suppose to be working for we the people{yea right}i do this twice a week,and do the same for my local politicians,for the local politicians i add,as long as you mr politician are not doing anything to bring charges against are aiding and abetting a treasonous traitor,making you mr politician a treasonous traitor as well,god less romney/ryan,as ovomit has mass voter fraud on his hands.

  2. Ed Mallory says:

    The only thing sadder than the Newtown shooting is the fact that this is encouraged by the government by setting aside places where psychopaths can freely attack innocent DEFENSELESS victims. This obscene tragedy brought to you by the state and federal government's ban on self protection on school properties.

  3. Roland Fox says:

    I understand that Switzerland has the lowest crime rate with weapons in the world!I

    I also understand that every home has a weapon, mandated by the Swiss government.

    Perhaps we should investigate what they do and why they do it!

    • Nelson the Cat says:

      By that logic we should probably emulate Japan. Their rate of crime and homicide is much lower, the lowest of any industrialized country.

    • Nelson the Cat says:

      Incidentally, if you're willing to support Switzerland's permitting and carrying laws in the U.S. I don't think you'd here any complaints from liberals, but the NRA would sure scream.

  4. The government could be an accomplice in other ways. The HIPAA laws protect the confidentiality of health information unless the patient authorizes release. I think this is generally good, because it is no ones business if I or anyone else has an embarrassing skin rash we don't want others to know about. I do wonder though to what extent such laws prevent the sharing of information about persons with potentially dangerous mental disorders.

    This gets into potentially sticky territory, because the release of mental health information could damage the chances for a basically harmless person to move ahead with a career that would improve their life immeasurably. On the other hand, this guy that did the shooting in Connecticut apparently had severe mental problems – would things have been different if the scope of these problems was more widely known before this happened? I would like to know what others think!

  5. woobernicker says:

    Yes tears coming from a gun runner with more innocent blood on his hands than the sandy shooter is kind of unbelievable. While running guns to Cartels and Terrorist they're going tell us to give up ours. Hmmmm? Impeach the Leach and all his Czars!

  6. The insanity and outright cowardice of the anti gun crowd is astounding. They LIE to the public about EVERY aspect of their reasoning for gun control. They LIE about the statistics. They LIE about their complicity to these heinous acts of evil. And then they have the temerity to LIE to the American public, and tell them, IF we just had more sensible gun regulations ALL this evil would NEVER happen again. The FACT is they are DIRECTLY responsible for almost EVERY death in THEIR gun free zones. Now known as the American killing fields.
    EVERY aspect of the anti gun crowd's LIES have been refuted with REAL evidence and they still LIE and tell everyone we will be safer if they CONTROL ALL the guns. I call you what you are LIARS and degenerates.

  7. obama is the pos that legalized the murder of babies who survive abortion by sticking a scalpel in the back of thier necks when they are halfway out of the womb! do you really thinks this fascist pig cared anything about white children being murdered? his crocodile tear, which he could never seem to muster for the benghazi victims that he watched die on live tv, was only a tear of joy knowing this was gun fodder for thier attack on our 2nd amendment rights. funny how the government officials and now even bill orielly mention that "guns wouldn't protect us if obamas people ever came to our doors"!!! WTF??? any patriot knows that with our guns so go our rights. we should just lie down and let our government take our only protection against them? i think not! only the most ignorant believe in trading safety for rights!

  8. Mary and Johnny says:

    Schools, Churches, Local Establishments…all mass victims waiting for a lunatic knowing full well there will be no stopping the insanity. Concealed weapons should make a person stop and consider, at least for a moment, that the lunatic would be the only victim of their own crime. GOD BLESS AND SAVE THE SECOND AMENDMENT!

  9. Al Metcalf says:

    If you want to stop this kind of event, make teaching school a contact sport. Make all employees of the School District be graduates of a Small Arms Training and require them to carry a weapon to protect those who they teach.
    The teacher is the logical person to perform safety and protection in the classroom and the rest of the employees of the School District, including the Bus Drivers should be armed too.
    This is not some kind of hard decision and is a complete no brainer. Those who do not want to teach, carry and protect can go to work in a flower shop.

    • I agree with you, in regards to having a weapon, there should have been someone in that school with a gun to protect those innocents children. This is what this bogus prez have been counting on, to take away the rights to Bear Arms. I don't like where this country is heading towards, hitler took the guns from the citizens, then he control them. In a few years the citizens of this country will have no more freedoms and it will be control by a communist sharia law

  10. barry soetoro DOES NOT CARE about anybody who can't help him with his COMMUNIST AGENDA !!!
    In a way that TERRIBLE TRAGEDY by that EVIL COWARD at Sandy Hook Ct. helps barry soetoro with his COMMUNIST AGENDA !!! The LIAR-IN-CHIEF gets more SUPPORT for RIDDING AMERICANS OF THEIR RIGHT TO BARE ARMS !!! With Americans UN-ARMED his COMMUNIST MOVEMENT can move FASTER and EASIER through America !!!!!
    Any people out there who DO NOT believe that are FOOLS !!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      barry Soetoro or as I like to call him President Obutthole didn't write that speech he gave at Newtown because he is incapable of doing anything on his own.That phony tear was a result of something they put in his eye to tear when needed.He went with a speech not about the tragedy but as usual a political one to make himself look good and the media ate it up.I think he went there to find out if the adults who were killedbelonged to either party and hopefully he didn't lose 4 you say this so called ape is a comminist and is working with Putin to do our country in.

  11. Edwardkoziol says:

    The government is an accomomplice because they're the ones who make some dumb ass laws on gun laws.To me one should go through a background check you might be a raghead terrorist but do you really think a terrorist or a mexican drug pusher oreven anamerican crook is going to get license.Our biggest gun seller is Holder and Obutthole do these 2 obey the law.

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