Government Lies About So-Called ‘Assault Weapons’

Assault Weapons Flickr Creative Commons Chayak Government Lies About So Called Assault Weapons

Lies and half-truths is all that we seem to be getting from the government these days. The latest lie is that military-style guns have no legitimate purpose in the hands of civilians. Of course the media is in on it. The government can’t really do anything without the media. The media is the machine that carries the lies out to the uneducated masses.

There has been a lot of debate about these weapons and a lot of terms being used, inappropriately, by both sides. So I am not going to go into the detailed operation of each firearm type and the proper nomenclature, except for one. The term “assault weapon” was high jacked by the government and gun control crowd, from the term “assault rifle” which is used to describe a military firearm capable of “selective fire.”

An “assault rifle” is a firearm that could be used in two different ways. It is a combination rifle; one that is suitable for a rifleman or infantry in one mode and also suitable for storming an occupied position where rapid fire of multiple rounds is necessary to subdue the enemy.

Since these terms are very similar, the media gets it wrong most of the time and that is why the government likes it so much. Now that it is an accepted term, to describe any military-looking weapon or “scary” weapons, the gun grabbers are now saying that no one needs these weapons for self-defense, and they are not very good for self-defense, and we should ban them.

If you look at an M16 military assault rifle, there is a three-position switch on the side of the receiver. It has positions for Safe, Semi, and Auto. This is a selective fire weapon. Semi mode is for the rifleman who is picking out targets at range to efficiently fire rounds hitting targets. Auto mode is for assaulting multiple targets that are in close quarters or massed together and laying down suppressive fire. Suppressive fire is just that, keeping the enemy’s heads down by shooting at them so your men can move from one position to another without getting hit. These selective fire weapons are not available to the public without stringent and specific licenses. All civilian models do not have, nor can they be converted without extensive knowledge, to selective fire.

If you have followed the terminology so far, and understand that the combination of an assault weapon or submachine gun was a fully automatic firearm and a rifleman’s rifle was an auto-loading rifle designed for accuracy, together in one firearm coined the term “assault rifle.” The liberals highjacked the “assault weapon” term and are now using it to describe neither of these firearm types.

To further compound the lie, the government does not use any of these terms when procuring weapons for its own use. They are called Personal Defense Weapons or (PDW) which is the term describing a selective fire weapon in a government procurement request. Additionally, “DHS and its components have a requirement for a 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense use in close quarters and/or when maximum concealment is required.”

So the government on one hand is telling us that these weapons are not suitable for personal defense and on the other hand it is saying that they are. By the way they want to buy 7,000 of them for Border patrol, ICE, and FPS agents.

Honey mixed with poison, America: The government is mixing lies and half-truths to disarm Americans.

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  1. I think we all need to quit beating around the bush and get right to the point,a semiautomatic weapon I dont care what it looks like is not an assult weapon! Believe me Ive used assult weapons in southeast asia, so I know the differance. The problem is most of the people out here wanting gun control would not know one end of a weapon from the other.And since were being honest I dont give a rats ass about huinting I keep my weapons to assure a societyt free of tyreny.So everyone out there trying to quash my constitutional rights are a little too late because the ones of us who count are already armed because this issue didnt just pop up yesterday this belief of being prepaired is a mind set instilled in me and many others in this country by our grandfathers,fathers and in my case as many others the United States Military, in my case the USMC I am an Oath Keeper for my country and a Sentinal for my family. Semper Fi


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