Government By Tantrum

Obama Small Man Mainstream Media SC Government by Tantrum

“Waaaaa! You’re not playing fair!”

“Waaaaa! You’re going to bankrupt America!”

“Waaaaa! You guys started it!”

The crybabies in Washington are at it again.

Arguing, name-calling, and throwing heated rhetoric around like “extortion” and “blow the whole thing up,” our so-called leaders are acting like out-of-control little kids in a sandbox.

They haven’t begun hitting each other over the head with chairs or waving weapons around on the Senate floor, but give them time.

It’s government by tantrum again. It’s government by threat and scare tactic and selective shutdown of federal programs.

It’s government by and for the people in government, instead of government by and for the people who elected them.

It’s the petty, partisan kind of government we’ve been getting for too long and the kind we can’t afford and don’t deserve.

And it’s time for the bums in Congress and the president to quit trying to score political points over the debt ceiling and start acting like responsible adults.

The House and the Senate need to get their legislative acts together.

They need to pass the 13 appropriations bills like they’re supposed to, negotiate their differences in conference committees, and then do the job they were elected to do — pass the darn legislation.

We all know that Washington is not going to let the U.S. government default on Oct. 17, so let’s cut with the fear mongering and rhetoric.

All it does is make the markets fearful. It makes investors fearful. It makes retired people fearful.

By delaying and dithering and crybabying, our so-called leaders in Washington have made everyone in America nervous — and angry.

One reason the D.C. crowd can’t lead is because they’re so politically spineless. They can’t decide how to vote on anything important without reading a poll. I bet they don’t pick a tie to wear until they’ve consulted Gallup.

But leadership is not looking at polls. Leadership is leading.

My father was a leader. He went through six government shutdowns under Tip O’Neill. But Ronald Reagan led, and we came through the 1980s with a growing economy that benefitted all Americans.

We need leaders in Washington. We don’t need whiners. We don’t need fear-mongers.

We don’t need poll-watchers and wimps who can’t make a principled vote on issues of national importance like the debt ceiling, the budget, or Obamacare.

If no one has the courage to stand up and lead in Washington, maybe we should default.

Maybe we need to show the rest of the world that America has finally hit bottom.

Maybe we should admit that we’ve finally become Europe or Greece. That we’ve finally become the United States of California.

All because we lack leadership.

As far as I can tell, most of the people in the United States are completely fed up with all the B.S. in D.C.

I think they’d agree with me that starting today, the message from all of us to our federal politicians should be: “Get the job done, or resign — all of you.”

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Someone help me out. I keep hearing that those in Congress are acting like children. Would someone point out who EXACTLY on the Republican side that is acting like a child and EXACTLY what they have said or done that supports this?
    I've seen the right state they want either obamacare defunded or the people to be given a waiver the same as Congress, Big Business, Unions etc have received. In other words, for FAIRNESS. This IS what the PEOPLE want after all.
    How is this acting like a child?

    If you have the over reaching power takeover obamacare in one hand, a gun in the other, making the demand that you WILL make a purchase I DEMAND. Then you state I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE!
    Who is holding whom hostage? Who is the terrorist here? The bomb strapped to someone's chest is called obamacare and it's strapped to oblameo.

    The reason the GOP approval rating is dropping is because they are not ALL standing FIRM and the people are MAD!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Exactly on why the rating approval drop but for how long.When people learn that Saucer Lips Obutthole and Dingy punch drunk Harry Reid are the 2 biggest babies in why they're not going to negotiate then I believe the approval ratings should go up.

  2. jon graham says:

    never freer. boner and the group of pussies will come to our aid and sell us out again

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    When will Obama learn that leadership is not looking at polls. Leadership is leading. As you have proven, anyone can lie in the course of winning most any contest, but real leaders are artists at combining politics with negotiation. You always exclude Republicans from your stabs at fiat legislating. Why not unify instead of dividing us? Our United States, under God’s blessing, rose to its place as a superpower largely because of arguing men committed to clawing our way to better things by the discipline prescribed in our unique Constitution. We are therein all guaranteed a voice and access to the necessary dialog that is integral to free governance. When that ongoing, healthy argument is finally silenced by a handful of dishonest men cooperatively lying to their charge, that’s no longer politics; it is instead just the sleazy precursor to a dictatorship. LEAD GOD DAMN IT, LEAD NGR LEAD!!!

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