Gore Compares Global Warming Skeptics To “An Alcoholic Father”

Al Gore SC Gore compares global warming skeptics to An alcoholic father

Former vice president and perpetual blowhard Al Gore was permitted to spew his increasingly absurd ecological advice during a recent NPR interview.

He was primarily doing what he does best, engaging in braggadocio about what he considers a major accomplishment on his part. In the case of this interview, it happened to be his latest book, which I will not give any undue promotion in mentioning by name.

Overall, Gore touched on the talking points he and his ilk repeat ad nauseam, such as blaming Republicans for the financial crisis and bad intelligence concerning the Sept. 11 attacks.

Returning to the subject at hand, though, he actually contended the mainstream media is scared to report the truth (as he sees it) about global warming.

The “forces of denial, which are lavishly funded by the large carbon polluters and some ideological groups, have intimidated many in the news media into remaining silent and not speaking out,” he claimed.

If this nearly constant drumbeat of global warming rhetoric is evidence of an intimidated media, I’d seriously hate to see them unfettered by such restraint.

Doubling down on his idiocy, Gore shared his obtuse comparison of global warming critics to “an alcoholic father who flies into a rage if alcohol is mentioned,” leading the “rest of the family … to keep the peace by never discussing the elephant in the middle of the room.”

Other “highlights” of the interview included Gore gushing over singer Jason Mraz (“I was with him over the weekend …. I think he’s the real thing.”) and declaring that the U.S. Constitution has “been hacked by big money.”

In explaining his opinion, the inventor of the Internet explained to the uneducated masses that “hack” is “a computer term.” Thanks for breaking it down for us, Al.

It’s telling that, almost coinciding with Gore’s remarks, Navy Admiral Samuel Locklear III declared that global warming is the “most likely” threat “that will cripple the security environment” despite the fact he is in charge of monitoring hotbeds of violence such as North Korea and China.

Liberals permit other liberals to make the most outlandish, misleading, and flat-out untrue statements imaginable as long as it furthers their agenda. Should conservatives dare open their mouths to say anything, though, no matter how reasoned and informed, we are declared either evil, stupid, or, more commonly, an amalgam of both.
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Photo credit: roberthuffstutter (Creative Commons)

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  1. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Gore remember attempting to rape the masseuse in Portland??? http://www.examiner.com/article/al-gore-accusatio
    Gore has no credibility to compare anything except "Global Warming is like a rapist"!

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