Gore: Climate Change “Denial” Akin To Racism, Homophobia

algore 254x300 Gore: Climate change Denial akin to racism, homophobia

Building on his already incredible reserve of ridiculous accusations and ad hominem attacks, environmental hypocrite Al Gore recently made some incredibly insulting comments directed toward global warming skeptics.

Speaking at the Social Good Summit this week in New York, the former vice-president said that Americans “have to put a price on denial.” He went on to suggest that conservatives who actually look at scientific evidence rather than blindly trusting the word of a failed politician are no better than homophobes and racists. He said such behavior has become taboo in our society, advocating a similar shunning of those who don’t believe in man-made climate change.

Even as scientists reveal that Antarctic ice has expanded to levels not seen since the 1970s, Gore continues to cling to the one achievement for which he is still moderately recognized: fomenting discord between the two sides of an environmental debate.

He applauded Barack Obama’s latest initiative to halt energy production through coal-fired power plants, calling it an “important step forward,” though he suggested that even this administration’s harsh pollution regulations do not go far enough.

“We can win this conversation,” he told the friendly crowd, “and winning a conversation can make all the difference. Don’t let denial go unchallenged.”

Gore unintentionally exposed the left’s overarching goal in admitting that he is more concerned with “winning” on a rhetorical level than delivering an honest critique of the issue.

While disparaging a growing number of climate change skeptics will curry favor among the faithful, such heated invective only further alienates rational individuals on either side of the issue. Personally attacking the opposition is a sure sign of an intellectually bankrupt argument.


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  1. Al Gore is a total fanatic he needs his awards taken away and frankly i dont blame tippler for divorcing this eco-extremists blabbermouth,hypotcrit and con-man

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Remember Al son was a junkie and Tipper probably couldn't stand this sweaty fat ass next to her anymore so she dumped him.

  2. Gore, YOU ARE AN A**!!


  4. he's also an ugly idiot libturd lunatic hypocrite!!
    his carbon footprint is larger than a medium sized city!!
    SHUT him DOWN and ignore his ranting!!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Big fat ass Al is a an environmental terrorist in his own right.He jets around like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling while he wastes jet fuel and electricity he burns in his mansion.But he does plant a tree. Maybe he'll over eat and blow up.

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