GOP Tells Anti-abortion Americans To Go To Hell

GOP SC GOP tells anti abortion Americans to go to hell

The Republicans in the House of Representatives have failed us again, but that is nothing new. Cowardice and duplicity are hallmarks of the Republican brand name. What is news is that Boehner and his band of weaklings somehow found the courage to insist upon protecting the American ball-bearing industry while telling pro-lifers to go to hell! Yes, they turned their backs on their promises to protect us from Obamacare and its attacks on religious freedom and slipped a piece of pork into what they passed that protects ball-bearing manufacturers!

On Wednesday the House voted to continue to fund all of Obamacare through the end of September. This means the Republican-controlled body has voted to fund Barack Obama’s war on the Catholic Church and everyone else who finds abortion and contraception morally repugnant.

John Boehner and his idiot sidekick Eric Cantor laughed at the pleas of conservatives who wanted the latest Republican cave to Obama to at least discontinue funding to force faith-based medical facilities to choose between staying open or murdering innocent babies.

The worst thing about this vote was probably the alarmingly small number of Republicans who refused to go along to get along. Just 14 Republicans said “No.” This is scary. It signifies a new resolve to protect themselves at our expense. They are running away from the road to freedom and instead charging headlong along the road to serfdom under Barack Obama. Boehner and Cantor would not even allow a vote to defund Obamacare. What else can be derived from this but that we have been completely abandoned by the entire American government?

Now we can only hope that the Roman Catholic Bishops, who were too timid to mount a genuine fight against Obamacare and those who support it last November, can experience a change of heart and mind. We can also hope that they will finally see the Democrats and Republicans for what they are.

If this vote means little to the Bishops even after having declared the very law the Republicans are helping Obama put into effect to be an “unjust and illegal mandate” as well a violation of the civil rights of individual Americans, where do we go from here?

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  1. jetstream says:

    That’s it Done, over, fine kaput. Not one more dime to the GOP! If we had wanted Mickey Mouse in office, we’d have written his name on the ballot.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Jetstream your just learning not to donate to the morons running the Rep.Party.I stopped years ago and told them not to send me letters asking for money when you don't do sh-t.

  2. I have been a Republican my whole life and even a member of several Republican groups. NO MORE! Everyone who goes to Washington ends up caving to peer pressure and betraying us. Where do we go from here? Who do we trust? This was a huge defining moment. God most certainly will not bless this country any longer.

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