GOP Plans Suicide With Amnesty Meeting

GOP Suicide Amnesty SC

Led by House Speaker John Boehner, a group of Republican leaders are headed to Massachusetts Thursday in an attempt to convince the rest of the party to back a fast track to legal status for millions of illegals currently living in the U.S.

Boehner has given the issue of amnesty an increasing amount of attention in recent months, a fact punctuated by his addition of Rebecca Tallent to his staff. Tallent, who previously helped shape John McCain’s liberal views on immigration, has been Boehner’s top immigration aide since late last year.

Establishment Republicans apparently hope their push to legitimize illegal immigrants will somehow endear that community to their party. In reality, of course, the mainstream media will make sure the GOP gets no credit for the plan; meanwhile, this effort will only serve to further alienate the party’s conservative base.

Obviously, a significant number of Republican lawmakers are adamantly opposed to the proposal. Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, for example, reportedly distributed a list among legislators containing various arguments against amnesty.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is once again making an attempt to woo leftist voters by being almost as radical as their Democrat counterparts. The problem, though, is that these leftists are already happy with their chosen party.

Instead of rallying their center-right base by lambasting the tyranny of the current administration and offering commonsense solutions to the problems Obama has created, Boehner and company are focused on the losing proposition of offering blanket amnesty to millions of criminals.

The meeting is set to take place Thursday afternoon in Cambridge, with the Republican plan available for public consumption sometime shortly after their discussion ends. Those opposed to the plan, including Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, have made it clear they intend to stand firmly in support of American’s existing immigration laws.

He said a group of conservatives in the party will “speak as aggressively and loudly and articulately as we can in opposing this nonsense of amnesty for 10 to 20 million illegals which would cause great harm to the country and destroy the Republican Party.”

Considering the extreme national trauma caused in just five years by the Obama administration, one can only imagine the repercussions of creating a permanent Democrat majority.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. IF the GOP does decide to go the path of amnesty, they had better be prepared for the backlash they created. They are wrong and there should be NO AMNESTY ——- in fact, no talk of any kind of immigration reform until our borders are secured.
    The GOP will kill their party if they back amnesty!!!

  2. Sean Nelson says:

    RIP GOP 1776-2014 DEATH WAS CAUSED BY STUPIDITY. Looks like the GOP will be a footnote in a dusty history book next to the whig party. And the dumb asses wonder why true conservitives are leaving them for the TEA PARTY or independent party when they pony up undocumented democrats for leadership roles in their party.
    Was boehner giving biden a handy under the podium during the sotu? It sure looked like biden was digging it.
    We have the finest government that K street can and does buy. Time for civil war!

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