GOP Ignores Voting Irregularities in the Iowa Caucuses

Maybe I’m distrustful by nature, but something about the Iowa caucuses’ results last night bothers me.

Just weeks ago, anonymous left-wing activists threatened the Iowa Republican Party with hacking its vote totals. The Hawkeye state GOP insisted all was fine but took the threat seriously enough to alter its usual methods.

In the weeks leading up to the vote, the Republican Establishment variously bullied, cajoled, ignored, or blackmailed the state’s voters about how they must vote. National Review editor Rich Lowry wrote, “If [Iowa voters] deliver victory to a history-making Ron Paul, no one should take them as seriously again.” GOP strategists Ford O’Connell and Matt Mackowiak wrote an article entitled, “Ron Paul Can’t Be Allowed to Win Iowa.” Brit Hume took to the airwaves of Fox News that evening saying if Ron Paul won, Iowa would probably lose its prized first-in-the-nation status.

After the vote was completed, the results were tabulated in an “an undisclosed location.” Then, ballots mysteriously went “missing.” Fox News anchors began repeating tall tales of someone in a pickup truck driving the results around the state’s backroads. (The story turned out to be erroneous.) Although bemused and punchy, none seemed particularly concerned about ballots missing from the ballot place.

When the vote total showed Sen. Rick Santorum up by four votes, Karl Rove announced on Fox that he had gotten news from the Republican National Committee in New York that Mitt Romney’s votes had been “undercounted” in two precincts in Story County. In Clinton County, the official vote count was missing, but representatives of the Romney and Santorum campaigns said they had verified the totals hours earlier; they had no idea why the votes had been reported missing.

Although vote fraud is the particular speciality of Democrats, it is not unknown among “Republicans,” especially RINOS.

If Democrats had claimed a batch of ballots had been “lost,” would Fox News be so placid in its coverage? The same Democrats who committed vote fraud against other Democrats in the Indiana primary in 2008?

I doubt it. I’m concerned to see how passive they are when irregularities are seen in Republican races.

– from Ben Johnson, The White House Watch.

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  1. ProundPatriotToo says:

    What's new, the usual fraud, corruption and business as usual. Our elections and our government are broken. It use to be that 3rd and 4th world countries did this and now we lead the pack in corruption and no one cares.

    • I Mc Queen says:

      I care. I am always going to vote but if the GOPt DOES NOTstep up to the plate and put the TRUE frontrunner on the ballot for President (Ron Paul) get behind him so we can win our country back, and
      quit "picking-out" who WE THE PEOPLE WANT FOR A CANDIDATE, after this election I will NEVER vote for another republican. Not state, locally or federal. I will spend my energies towards pushing for a third party! Plus
      write in someone of my choice as I wouldn't vote for a democrat. I think finally I have had enough of the rinos,
      the greed , the deceit, the lies and the lack of respect! And I am not the only one. Maybe this is one of those unintended consequences.

      • Millicent says:

        I hate to inform you, but RON PAUL IS A RINO. He has to go. He is hurting the process. Iowa now looks like a bunch of fools. Dr. Dementia is selling you a line of baloney. He is a Libertarian or in other words a PROGRESSIVE/LEFTIST. If he got on the ballot, I wouldn't vote as he is worse than Obama. Unless Trump ran, whom I don't like, then I would by necessity have to vote for him as the lesser of the 3 evils. Get this straight, DR. DEMENTIA IS A LOWLIFE LOSER. PUT YOUR BONG AWAY YOU FOOL

        • Becky McPherson says:

          Oddly as it may seem, it would have only been a hundred years ago, or so, that Ron Paul’s take on decriminalizing drug use would have been the standing conservative view. His positions, including his perceived isolationism, would have put him at the forefront of conservative thought.

          The conservative view at that time, and truthfully into the early twentieth century, was that government had no business telling individuals what they can and cannot do, within their own bodies and families and that the United States had no place policing the world.

          To call Paul a progressive or a leftist makes it sound like he is something he is not. In today’s world, I believe he is simply out of touch. I like him, but would not vote for him.

      • Paulbots are just as brainwashed as Obots.

  2. Quoted from the above article – "When the vote total showed Sen. Rick Santorum up by four votes, Karl Rove announced on Fox that he had gotten news from the Republican National Committee in New York that Mitt Romney’s votes had been “undercounted” in two precincts in Story County."

    Why the hell are they calling some idiots in New York? And that's from that "hack-for-hire" Karl Rove! Of course there were irregularities and they were perpetrated by the GOP establishment. They can't possibly allow Ron Paul to become the GOP candidate. He's too independent, won't tow the party BS-line, and wants to cut the size of government AND their power and influence! They only allowed Rick Santorum to get close to put on a good show. Gingrich can't be controlled and Bachmann has too much integrity! It was decided, behind closed doors, long ago that Romney would be the GOP candidate. The bad thing is he's just a different form of Obama. A smooth-talking puppet that will allow himself to be handled and directed by the party/state. Wake up America!

    • Did you read tonight that some of the ballots are now missing?

      • that figures ……. the DNC said they were going to disrupt the voting … also watrch this and respond to your congressmen and senators of your state . also make a point that Berry Sortoro 's father was not an American citizen and then cannot be on the ballots of the U.S.A. for President

    • siteunseen says:

      I too was very unhappy Ron Paul didn't win. I was in tears to tell the truth. He should have won the Iowa Caucus. I thought, when I saw his numbers dropped all of a sudden, when he was ahead by a good margin, that something was rotten in Iowa. If I were Santorum, I would ask for a recount to see if Romney actually won by 8 votes…come on…8 votes??? That is a statistical tie. How did Ron Paul get out numbered by the likes of Romneycare? I think the whole thing is rigged, and wish we'd spend more time getting Tea Party people to be poll watchers. Even hiring them.

    • Millicent says:

      Gingrich can't be controlled? I guess you have been listening to Romney's shill, John Sununu who has a 20 year feud with him because he couldn't control him. NEWT GINGRICH IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN BEAT THE KENYAN. Get Dr. Dementia in the nursing home where he belongs. Dr. Dementia is an embarrassment to this country. I despise that nutjob and all you locusts who swarm all over the internet praising this PROGRESSIVE/LEFTIST. HE IS A RINO. Quit smoking the dope he wants to legalize.

      • ^5 Ditto 5^

        Newt Gingrich is indeed the only one who can beat the Kenyan. While Newt promised and ran a positive campaign in Iowa, Romney spent most of his money/time in Iowa attacking Newt rather than promoting himself. “If you have no record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone to run from.” — Barack Hussein Obama, 2008.


    • Bought and paid for – if not already then certainly within 2 years.
      Since BO is not complacently being followed down the road to ruin, a new winding path is created leading to the same destination.
      Do not allow any of them to take away more of our Freedom, Liberty and Constitution!!!

    • You said Bachmann had to much integrity. She was the only true candidate in the race. They did not want someone honest like her to mess up their party.

  3. LicketySplit1 says:

    Ive said for a couple of months the "Fix" is in…they(RINO's) want milk toast Romney!! Im in the firm belief that we need a fiscal..tough talking CONSERVATIVE in the White House..and im quite sure it isnt Romney. Newt or Rick either one would suffice quite well thank you. Im thoroughly disgusted with people telling me how i should vote. The GOP is beginning to sound just as bad as the Odumbo folks..and its bothersome!

    • Millicent says:

      Looks like Romney's henchman lowlife John Sununu has gotten to too many people. NEWT IS THE ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE RUNNING. He balanced the budget 4 years in a row, he reigned in spending, he cut the budget and he went against Bush 41 when he broke his pledge not to raise taxes. The RINOS got to Bush and he caved. Newt didn't cave. He engineered Republican control of Congress which they hadn't had for 40 years. Why do you think the RINOS are after him? Of all the candidates, he is the only one with the true leadership ability we need. of course, we have Dr. Dementia and his swarm of locusts making things tougher.

    • zanografix says:

      This is the reason we must take control of the republican party. Romney wants a new world order the same as the obomites. We can't allow the United States to become a client state. Our nation is only a couple of hundred years old and we must fight to keep it free. Sarah Palin was read the riot act by the RNC saying they would not support her. I can understand the reasons she dropped out but now her voice must be heard to propel Rick Santorum ahead. We need to have a conservative take the reigns. The fix is the status quo and Romney isn't good enough. We can do better.

  4. dward1949 says:

    Sounds like the RNC is going to cram Romney down our throats whether we vote for him or not. Just look at Virginia.

    • siteunseen says:

      Yes, they're craming him down our throats. He's the darling of Karl Rove and the Bushies, who are the insiders and Rove is the architect (so they call him) of the whole thing. The guy has horns and he should be wrested. I said, if someone could just kidnap Rove until the election is over, we might have a good candidate.

    • Millicent says:

      NEWT GINGRICH IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN TAKE OBAMA OUT. Romney has his lowlife buddy John Sununu out to get him. They are ultra liberals. The RNC wants to get rid of Newt. They don't give a damn about the good of the country only hurting the only viable candidate in the bunch. As for Dr. Dementia, Iowan's have hurt themselves enormously by voting for this PROGRESSIVE/LEFTIST FRAUD. If it wasn't for his army of locusts, he would be long gone. He is doing a lot of damage to the election process. Obama and the DNC must be rolling on the floor with laughter.

  5. Hunter Comstock says:

    Times are such that I will never ever trust another election. Corruption runs deep in the bowels of our government, forever creating doubt in our system.

  6. This really not only worries me — it realllly makes me angry.
    They don't have the right to cheat the entire U.S. on their own "opinions."

  7. patrioteyeballs says:

    Romney is just another form of Obama. So is Newt. Truth is, Ron Paul probably won and the votes were tampered with.

    • Millicent says:

      NEWT IS THE ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE. Ron Paul aka Dr. Dementia ia s liar and a PROGRESSIVE/LEFTIST. Every time he opens his mouth I see he has early signs of Alzheimer's. Get over it Dr. Dementia is a dangerous nutjob.

    • Yes he is just another Obama. Even got an email from Romney campaign, (I spy and signed up for their emails) just like ones Obama sends out, you know "just $1 will will help"! Exactly like Obama's emails.

  8. Carol Goodwin says:

    Maybe there was some hanky panky going on with the votes…….ya think??? The establishment stated they would make sure that Ron Paul did not win. I feel that he got so many votes that the establishment decided they could only get away with destroying a certain amount, so they made sure he came in 3rd place or 2nd with the other two tying for first place. Just a thought…….

    • siteunseen says:

      Notice he was in a good lead first 20%, then dropped…bang…and became third. I don't buy it.

    • Millicent says:

      I wouldn't vote for Dr. Dementia to clean my toilet. He is dangerous. You people are nuts to believe the garbage this lowlife pile of excrement is spewing. He is pure trash.

      • Millicent, How is Ron Paul dangerous?What garbage is Ron Paul spewing?and Millicent I seriously doubt you have a toilet of your own,living in a tent on public property.

  9. PLEASE Change the picture on the White House Watch. It is just a reminder of all of his failings, and other things. So many of us wonder, is the election going to be fair, will dead people be voting again, has the outcome already been decided? It is so sad that we cannot trust our politicians ,who are supposed to be looking out for us, and the good of our country. So many people are being beguiled, just as Eve was beguiled by the snake.

  10. Personally, I believe this MORON Romney is just a mirror image of the USURPING BASTARD Obama! Hell, he tried the same type of Obamacare health care in his home state! I don't believe he will be any different than the USURPING MORON Obama!!! The SOB is NOT going to change a thing, if he wins!

  11. We need to set some serious examples,any type of voter fraud,tampering,what so ever-felony. Better yet hung from the nearest tree.

  12. Frank, Romney is one disturbing man. My mouth dropped open when he, basically, said the same thing Cain did.
    "…Islam is not an inherently violent faith."

    • Millicent says:

      John McCain supporting Romney shows me what a leftist he is. None of these guys care about the good of the nation. Mormonism is as nuts as Islam, although they haven't vowed to murder the whole world as far as I know.

    • Bertsy K. Larsen says:

      And Bush said that this filth is a “peaceful” religion also. Well, he LIED OUT THE WAZOO too! Peaceful, yep, as peaceful as a den of snakes “peaceful”, poisonious snakes that is! That is when I lost any faith in mr.bush too! Try again, you dimwitted dumbass politicians who are selling us all out to these filthy raghead, camel humping rejects of hell itself. I don’t think that even Satan himself likes them, because they are too “peaceful”!!!!! That word, phrase aggrevates me to the living end, peaceful muslimes, my ass!!!! These politicians are all enemies of our country, and not a one of them deserve the office of president of the USA! Not one!

  13. When will we have free and fair elections again in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Stalin said that those who vote don't matter, those who count the votes decide everything. We've got this going on in spades in America. When are We the People going to put a stop to it??

    • hatter1951 says:

      if you want to put a stop to this corruption become a precinct watcher and become a witness to the fraud.

  14. Angelo Campanella says:

    The disappearance of one precinct's votes for hours (that's all it takes) is highly suspicious… follow the money… who has money…. you have to ask? And the margin; surprise surprise, was only eight votes… imagine that…

    • Couldn't understand why all precincts called in their tabs but we had to wait for a truck for the last two biggest counties to submit their votes!

  15. Ranchman, feel free to give me a huge thumbs down; but I really believe this.
    The only way we can truly have an open and honest election again vote everyone out and start all over again.
    Yes, the new people will make mistakes; but that is exactly what they will be “mistakes” and not deliberately
    screwin’ us for “their own gain.”

    I have read on a couple of blogs that people are sooo upset, they want the Military to come in and just take over so we can begin anew.

  16. I agree that the 'fix" is in and it has been shoved down our throats for many month's. Romney has been the choice of the "RINO's" because he's one of them for sure. You can say what you want to about Newt but he did a lot of good when he was in congress. Certainly he made a lot of enemies as he stepped on a lot of toes and if he would get back in he would take up right where he left off. I am still convinced that the Republicans were as big a part of forcing him to resign as were the Democraps. The rest of the field has offered much contention against the "Establishment" as well and they want them gone too. That's not to say that they don't all have some baggage but who do you know that doesn't? But the press has managed to destroy them all. So when Carl Rove, Brit Hume, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Dick Morris and our "Old Reliable" friend Charles Krautheimer come out and try to convince us that all of these other candidates are "unelectable". B.S!!!! I ask if Romney is so great, Why in the hell wasn't he nominated in 2008? And guess who just endorsed Romney, McCain!

    • Millicent says:

      I agree with you 100%. Look how they kept Newt off the ballot in VA. So what do we have left 2 RINOS ON THE BALLOT. Romney got that lowlife John Sununu out of mothballs to spew lies about Newt because he stood up to him. Newt is the type of individual we need in the WH. If you visit his website you will see all the great ideas he has to get us out of the Communist agenda set up by the Commies and RINOS These superpacs are killing machines. They are like Obummer's union thugs.

    • zanografix says:

      Agreed its like constantly saying that a third party would insure the election of BHO. The point is the dems and republicans aren't doing the will of the people. A third party will take votes away from Obama just as much as it will take votes away from the contender if that party talks the talk the people want to hear: Smaller government and curtailing regulation. On the 1st 40,0000 new laws went into effect. These laws put shackles on free enterprise and nobody can keep up with what's current. That party which adopts a lassiez faire attitude and steps up to fight overegulation is what I'm looking for.

    • Yeah, McCain, the one who helped throw the last election. Big endorsement! Our vets don't like him and have stated he was a traitor. I really believe it now.

  17. One question that I would like to ask Mr. Krautheimer is, that if Romney doesn't get the nomination, is he going to vote for Obumer, like he did in'08. I maintain that if we keep fighting and arguing and allow Obumer to be re-elected it certainly will be the end of America. It's up to us as voters to elect whoever is nominated and make sure that doesn't ever happen. We can sort out the crap later. Let your anger show up at the ballot boxes. It's going to be hard enough to beat Obumer heads up, but we are contending against a billion dollars of taxpayer money and the most corrupt regime of all times. Voter Fraud won't even begin to describe what's in store. Don't allow yourself become a victim of "penny ante" complaints. Only one objective, Flush Obumer, because if we don't, you just as well roll up in a ball and kiss it good by!

  18. You watch the folks interview people on the street and ask them questions about the candidates and they don't even know who is running. What in heck are they doing when they vote? It seems that if they are between 18 and 30 they don't have a clue. The country is in sad shape. Should have to have a short quiz before you are allowed to vote. Not just being warm and have a pulse. I'll vote for anyone except Obuma. We need to keep the house and get control of the Senate if we want anything to change. The 63 republicans that we put in the House in 2010 have been holding up things because that is what we sent them there to do.

    • Rod, I was in total shock last year when I went to a high school reunion (we are all now 65).
      We were talking and the thing most on my mind was OUR Country.

      You know what I kept hearing back as a response? "Oooo, I don't get involved in politics". Yep… that was the consensus.
      Then when they began to wake up — instead of being fighting mad., I was getting very syrup(ie) sweet emails of "Do you remember when we ……."

      I responded, "Is that all you have" Self pity" And, you don't or won't get involved in politics!!!!

    • Millicent says:

      I could never in a million years vote for Dr. Dementia. If that nut were to get the nomination it would leave us without any choice. Obama and Dr. Dementia are both Leftists, no matter how Dr. Dementia tries to spin it. He has locusts supporting him and they are helping the Kenyan.

    • Two Eagles says:

      This is what happens when you elect a Muslim who is not an American citizen who never was an American citizen and he has brought havoc into out country such as Berry Sortoro/ aka Barrack H. Obama . He has also alloud these tryes of people these Muslims terrorest conduct war games in out own country please watch this video and then pass it on to our family and friends !

    • Thank you for 100% correct opinions and remarks. How can we get organized?

    • Rod great comment,

  19. When the GOP finalizes they're plan and sticks us with Romney,Paul will go 3rd party and win it all!!!

    • C Strasburger says:

      Another ronbot lemming, not unlike the average moronic liberal. RP will not win the nomination, no way no how, but a third party run would guarantee another 4 years for onumbnutz, and the death of America. This is the unequivocal ignorance of RP supporters, and in fact, RP himself should he do it.

      Time to grow up bots……stand up and be men and women, and not whiny and petulant like your liberal counterparts….

  20. I would not vote for any candidate who is endorsed by McCain. Rino's stick together through thick and thin. It is politics as usual in Washington. Romney will run the same type of campaign that McCain ran and will lose once again to Obama! Romney still refuses to label Obama a socialist. You can not play nice with the Obama Regime and expect to win in 2012!

  21. The Republican party is selling out America just like the demorats are and carl rove is one of the orchestrators. If not he is a minion. Santorum won. Ron Paul is a distraction and in the real world his views are considered illogical when all the facts are taken into account. Yes. He has some valid points. But to say America invited the events of 9/11 is insane and I will NOT vote for him.

    • 911 was invited by the same people that have brought us every other war. The banks and our government.

      • Did you know that Bin Laden’s brother had a sleep over at the WH the week end prior to 9/11? They were secretly went back o their own country.

        Bush Sr. was in the Oil business with the Bin Laden Family.

        The oil and drug connections were the subject of FTW’s story, The Bush-Cheney drug Empire in October, 2000. That story is online at Both Bush and Cheney are oil men.

        George Bush, Sr. was Vice President and, by virtue of executive Order 12333, in charge of all U.S. intelligence and narcotics operations from 1981 through 1989. As President from 1989 through 1993, he continued and expanded his control in these areas. Thus, it was Bush (the elder) who directly nourished and nurtured bin Laden’s evolution.

    • Fine Ken, don't vote for him then. Just let Obama win another four years and you will really see the how fast this country becomes a third world. Truth is, we vote Republican no matter who it is or we forever leave a nation to our children and grandchildren that in no way represents the America we grew up in. It is a not brainer, you vote for America+Republican or you vote against America+communism and the Islamic rule of Sharia Law! It is that simple.

  22. In this day in age it is so easy to accurately count and recount the vote. With a decent chain of command and signed ballots, (from each individual), and the possibility of recounts, you think the problem of voter fraud would be solved in minutes. This is why the GOP can not be trusted and needs to be taken down with the 3rd party candidacy of an Honest, ethical, unwavering, and constitutional PAULITICIAN. . .
    RP in 2012, by hook, crook, or 3rd party!

  23. Folks, you can say what you want and be for whomever you want NOW, but please by all means be prepared to fully unite with WHOEVER wins the primary. It’s easy to say, I’ll just not vote if my favorite baby doesn’t get it. And you will be able to blame yourself for handing the country back to Obama and completing the destruction. And don’t think it won’t happen. Obama, even with all he has already done to run us into ruin, has been treading lightly becaus he had to in order to have a chance to get back in. When he knows it is his last term, he will have no holds barred, and America will not survive as the country we once knew. Liberty lost is lost forever.

    If you stick to the childish, my guy or no guy regardless of the real truth attitude, YOU can explain to your grandchildren that the country is no longer free and that we are a socialist dictatorship because YOU were one of the ones who allowed Obama to get a second term out of sheer spite that you couldn’t have your own favorite. I have my favorite too, and unlike most, my favorite is based on research, not media spin or reruns of articles that were only half the story when they were printed years ago. But whether my baby wins or not, I absolutely will unite fully behind which ever candidate can get the primary–even if that candidate is Romney whom I surely do not want.

    We can fight like the devil now, but when the primaries are said and done, we must put America ahead of politics and simply focus on getting Obama OUT.

  24. The thing that interests me about this race is that Michelle Bachmann was pushed to the bottom of the polls and never "allowed" to rise again. I have to conclude that she must have been the best candidate to set this country back on track. She has good core values, and because of these values, she would fill her administration with others of like values.

    The other candidates have been on and off my list of possibilities, but Bachmann is the only one that was never removed from the list.

    I am suspicious of Romney's win in Iowa.

    • firefight says:

      Lorene B., I think you are spot on about Romney. I have never been comfortable with him ever since his "Romney Care" plan. I feel that he is another RINO. Our Two party system will be our downfall. We have come to rely on it to the extent that we can not think beyond Republican or Democrat. This makes it way too easy for individuals with ulterior motives, such as Marxists or Communists, to infiltrate both parties and fulfill their destructive agendas within our own system. I do believe we have had this happening since Franklin D. Roosevelt for sure. We very much need a third party win to knock these Socialists off their feet and reclaim our country. In the last election, both Palin and McCain knew that Obama wasn't properly vetted and yet they chose not to challenge the issue during the debates when the issue would have drawn huge attention and probably would have awakened the country to his fraud. They chose to stick their heads in the sand with the rest of the Republican establishment and allow a man with absolutely NO credentials outside of community organizing to become our President. As for McCain, he makes me sick to my stomach. To think that he could be a military man, ex-POW and still go with these Socialists makes me think that he was probably a snitch while in the POW camps. Anyone who is ex-military who could turn against the values we all fought for has to be a bought and paid for politician. I think that the eleventh hour, miraculous win, by Romney over Sanatorum was orchestrated. We all sat and watched the board which showed 99% of the votes in for well over an hour and suddenly, just enough votes came in to push Romney over the top? Come on. someone was waiting to make sure these Fraud votes would do the job. Yes, I am totally suspicious about everything going on because I know the Socialist/Communist machine will do what ever they need to do to keep one of their own boys in power. The don't care which party he comes from just as long as that individual is one of theirs. We seriously needs to get, I believe, Sanatorum and Paul on the same ticket as independents and start letting the voting public know what we are doing to the Socialist/Communists in this country. Oh, and we need to get rid of all these neo-nazis too.

    • I agree Michele was the only one that I never changed my mind about. She does have good core values and a fighter for her Country. When she talked you could see in her eyes she was true and loved our Country and wanted to make it good again.

  25. I am sooo sad at what is going on in our country & it is a totally corrupt bunch we have in DC & we need to vote EVERYONE of them out & start from scratch. It could be no worse than what we have there now. The good old boys club in DC will not allow someone that is a true conservative like Bachmann to get in & the whole Iowa thing was nothing but a farce. Good grief, you can go & register as a R the day of the voting in Iowa, what a deal huh? They got the man in they want & the biggest rino in chief by the name of McCain came out immediately to back him. What a country. We are in deep trouble & it going to take someone with a backbone to clean this mess up. God help us please

    • Obviously they took votes from Gingrich and the others and gave them to Romney. Nobody I know likes or trusts Romney. who would. Why would we want Romney who instituted Socialistic healthcare, the very thing everyone hates. You have to be insane to vote for him but if he is the nominee we MUST vote for him. Imo, he is a RINO though. the endorsement of him by G HW Bush was enough to turn me off to him. If we don't fight we are voting for the lesser of two evils again!

    • Pat true we needed Michele Bachmann the true conservative and I agree with you it was a farce.

  26. It is wise to remember that RINO's are nothing more than closet Deemers, both of these sects should be considered trash and should be piled on the curb for pick-up.

  27. Of course the vote was rigged. How else could Rick S. only polling less than ten percent come in second place by only six votes. This is total B.S. It shows that they will stop at nothing to keep Ron Paul out of the White House and continue to destroy this country for their own personal gain and power. A third party candidate will not stop them either as in Rome they say Whomever counts the votes decides the election. Sad but true.
    Ron Paul 2012! The only hope for the endangered Eagle.

  28. Why doesn't somebody find Karl Rove a legitimate job that he can't refuse so we can get him out of the political picture? He's like a bad cancer that won't go away. His actions are so damaging to the Republican party. How does he live with himself, if he's got a conscience at all!!!!!!

  29. Two Eagles says:
  30. Evidently, caucus voting in all precincts is not the same, or else I have missed something. Ballots??? At the precinct where we voted, we got cut up pieces of paper to "write" our candidates name on. When the counting was to start, the precinct captain asked that anyone representing a candidate could come up and oversee the count. One representative from each candidate did go up to oversee the counting. Registered voters were counted before the vote so that they could know that the vote was accurate. If these procedures were not followed in all precincts, it could have been easy to "misrepresent" the numbers.

  31. So long as the NWO media have their man in the spotlight they have done their job. Voting is merely the pacification and hence the voluntary subjugation of the masses. If paper trails are created then they must be the evidence of victory not the electronic counts that please the technocrats. Patience is one virtue we can't misplace. Trust, taking years to build and seconds to destroy, requires scrutiny equal to those years value.

  32. We are between a "rock and a hard place". We better not have Paul as a third party candidate. It will divide up the anti-Obama votes and Obama will win. We better do what we can to keep Romney from winning the Rep. Nomination. Newt or Santorium would provide some hope. Perry might even be better than Romney. We must not have a third party because it will guarantee a second term for Obama. If Paul and Donald Trump don't know this they are "out of their mind" !

    • Sorry your incompetent screaming wolf won't carry. Voters have learned and paying more attention. Third party is ONLY solution to most corrupt Congress in history. The two corrupt party heads will NOT allow voters to mess up their country club.. Congress has been screwing citizens and taxpayers far too long and too deep. Recognize FACTS and NUMBERS also. less than 30% are Dems, less than 40% repubs, leaves a majority left, also be aware there are already 6 parties, minimum, our desire and goal ONE strong Conservative honest party, just so the sheeple can recognize their power and responsibility.


    • You better find ways to get personnally active and involved if you going to even get attention to vote controlling, tabulating, the totals are probably known the week before, so -propaganda media gets the right message to the sheeple. They don't dare report anything contrary to mandatory outcomes.

    • I agree with you and I think that Michele Bachmann got a lot more votes but they did not want a honest Woman in to change the bad going on in Washington. I think she was cheated there were a lot of supporters for her and she was a tea party and true conservative. She had won in Iowa before and come in last this time that makes me think they did not want her because she would not go along with the unlawful things that are going on now !!!!

  34. And, YES, Warren, we are between a rock and a hard place.

  35. Is this true?

  36. "The media pushes how stupid and ignorant Ron is and how you will be too if you vote for him. I think if you DON"T vote for him it proves how stupid and constitutionally illiterate you are. If you don't care about anything but spreading the wealth…vote for anyone but Ron Paul.

  37. Muslims are taking over America and here's another example of that.

    December 11, 2011

    JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: America’s first shari’a compliant football team?

    Instead of huddles,will the team be required to pray to Allah now? Last week, it was announced that the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team had been sold to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Khan is a Pakistani-born Muslim, and will be the first of his faith to own an NFL team.

  38. Sue Merriner says:

    Cheating on the vote counts does not restore honesty and integrity to the government.

  39. ben plank says:

    The difference between Ron Paul and obama and the other gop candidates is Ron Paul isn’t a criminal. He walks and talks the truth. The government is throwing everything they have at him because they are nearly all lying cheating and stealing criminals. You unintelligent willfully ignorant people are dragging us down with you. Us the real Americans that respect the constitution and love freedom. You think you can make a deal with pure evil fascist garbage? Go ahead and play you’re little mind games. Go ahead and lie to yourself and buy in to evil. What they have planned for us good people is the same thing they have planned for you.

  40. Ted Gager says:

    As uncertain as it is, I hope we see third party candidates this election cycle. What's the worst that can happen….MORE CONTROVERSY, ELECTION/VOTER FRAUD! Big deal, it's the normal course of business these days and even after uncovered nothing happens. I'm willing to bet that no matter what happens Obama is in for another four years even if his real Kenyan BC surfaces. After that he will do away with term limits and he'll be the new motha fu(in' KING of Amafrica. Our country has become just one big SNL scit. My stomach turns when I think about these scumbags. Back in the day people used to hang these dirtbags when they rolled into town to try to scam the locals. Today, with the law on their side, all we can do is hope for a Bachman or Paul to somehow get into office. I might start burning american flags myself….

  41. Captain America says:

    Michelle may have won.

  42. Mitt Romney and his father were born in Mexico, Google it. None of the GOP wants to talk about that but there are people that say obama and his father were not American citizens. Impeach obama and get Ron Paul in there.

  43. Romney’s now endorsed by McCain … all you need to know about the Republic being in the hands of vampires.

    Maybe, with a pardon, Charlie Manson could be on the ballot.
    We can vote from the rooftops if that's what they want.

  44. Rush caught this too. This is the article from his website.

    Donna Brazile Lets the Cat Out of the Bag: Dems Want to Run Against Romney
    January 09, 2012


    RUSH: There is a story on the Drudge Report today from Sarah Palin in which Sarah Palin says that the White House wants Mitt Romney to be the Republican nominee. Now, not only did I tell you that the Broncos were gonna beat the Steelers, for months I have been telling you that the Democrats want Romney — and you all know it. You've been listening here and you've heard people call me and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, that I'm full of it, that they're scared of Romney. "Romney is the only guy who can win." And I have said, "No," and I've stood tough, and I've said, "They can't wait for him. What's Occupy Wall Street all about but running against Romney? He's the Wall Street guy on our roster — and then Romneycare," and I've laid it all out. So here comes Palin, she says it, and makes news — and Donna Brazile has said it. This is post-debate coverage on ABC Saturday night. George Stephanopoulos, Democrat Party hack disguised as the debate moderator on ABC, had this discussion with Jon Karl and Donna Brazile.

    BRAZILE: Mitt Romney won tonight because no one touched him — and for Democrats, you know what? It was good news for us.

    KARL: Why is that?

    BRAZILE: Because we believe that the weakest candidate is the candidate that the Republicans are not attackin', and that's Mitt Romney.

    KARL: Oh, come on.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: No, you don't believe that, Donna.

    RUSH: That's Stephanopoulos. What Stephanopoulos is saying is, "Shut up, Donna! What the hell are you doing, Donna? Did you not take your meds?" That, "Come on, Donna, what are you doing? You know you don't believe that" means, "Donna, shut up." You know, she's feeling her oats there. So Palin has come out say it it and Donna Brazile saying it. "Oh, yeah, the one guy not being attacked…" She practically gleeful here, and I'll tell you why she's gleeful. She's gleeful because what she sees is Romney getting the nomination, so she thinks it's okay to blow the lid off this cover now. "Mitt Romney won tonight, because no one touched him — and for Democrats that's good news for us." Stephanopoulos says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why is that?" "Well, because we believe the weakest candidate is the candidate the Republicans are not attacking, and that's Romney," and Stephanopoulos says, "Oh, you don't believe that!" I guarantee she had a talking to. They had a talking to with her with her after this, because that's a major faux pas. The line that's supposed to come out of the Democrat Party is they're scared of Romney. The line is, "Oh, no, they don't want to face Romney. Romney is the toughest guy." That's the line, and they know, folks — the Democrats know that our experts are stupid enough to believe that the Democrats will be honest and tell us who they really don't want to face. I'll tell you who they don't want to face when we come back.


    RUSH: The Democrats are afraid of any candidate they have sought to destroy. You can start with Sarah Palin, you can move on to Santorum. Any — any conservative who showed any interest — the Democrats set out to destroy. That's who they're genuinely afraid of. They are not hammering Mitt Romney at all, and Donna Brazile let the cat out of the bag. Don't doubt me.


  45. we think that mr obummer should have all moneys removed from his greedy little hands, and all the money his wasteful wife is just throwing around at her whim. this ass hole is willing to let the people go without fuel and warmth , while he and his wife keep spending. this jerk blows money on vacations to Hawaii, impeach this a$#hole . and stop all mneys going to his as@#$ole buddys !!!!

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