GOP Chairman Says Party Needs To ‘prosecute’ Obama

Barack Obama speech 12 SC GOP Chairman Says Party Needs To ‘prosecute’ Obama

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — The chairman of the Republican Party says the GOP needs to “prosecute the president,” arguing that Barack Obama’s offenses are a long list of promises unfulfilled.

Reince Priebus (ryns PREE’-bus) says Obama promised lower unemployment if Congress passed his stimulus package in 2009. He said the president also pledged to reduce both the federal deficit and the nation’s debt. The unemployment rate stands at 8.3 percent.

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Photo Credit: Dustin C. Oliver (Creative Commons)

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  1. How about we prosecute him for actual Treason…such as for his Involvement in "Operation Fast and Furious"…why else would he proclaim "Executive Privilege" unless he has something to hide. Besides we already know that Obama AUTHORIZED Deputy AG David Ogden and AG Holder to commence with "Project GunRunner"…and just to prove it we just have to look at the Press Conference on 24 March 2009 where Deputy AG Ogden states exactly that ( ), and we KNOW per ATF's own documents was begun in the fall of 2009, so they can't say "Operation Fast and Furious" was done under Bush. Anyone with an ounce of Common Sense would surmise that if Obama AUTHORIZED "Project GunRunner" then he probably also AUTHORIZED "Operation Fast and Furious" himself.

    We could also get him on Treason for using the U.S. Military in Libya, without first going before Congress and having them Invoke the "War Powers Act" if they deemed it appropriate, as stated in the U.S. Constitution that he must have done that before U.S. Military boots ever touched Libya Soil.

    Or we could even go after him for High Crimes and Misdemeanors for his "Executive Order" Dream Act, after all the U.S. Constitution says ONLY CONGRESS has the Power and Authority to create and regulate laws governing Immigration and Naturalization. Obama has also violated numerous Federal Laws with this act as well, such as Aiding and Abetting an Illegal Immigrant which caries a 2 year jail per charge, as well the Federal Law that states that anyone that has Knowledge of an Illegal Immigrant inside the U.S. must report them to ICE or INS or could face 2 years in jail for each charge.

    Won't anyone get a backbone and get this party rolling before he does anything else to our once great nation.

  2. KENNETH DUNN says:

    prosecute and hang on the white house lawn !!!!!!!!!

  3. disgusted says:

    YA THHINK???????????????????? What the devil is the hold up? Geez, what does it TAKE TO GET YOU PEOPLE OFF YOUR ASSES AND GET THIS EVIL SON OF A WHORE OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE?????? Really! Three years and into the FOURTH and JUST NOW YOU REALIZE HE SHOULD BE PROSECUTED! Where have you been, and what have you been doing, listening to, seeing????? We are hurting out here people, you people who are SUPPOSED TO BE in control of things, and you JUST NOW DECIDE THAT THIS FREAK HAS BROKEN “A LAW” or two………he has broken so many that they are almost uncountable, and there is NO REASON for you lame brain, spineless wonders to WAIT ANOTHER DAY! he lies, and you ALLOW IT AND DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! DO YOUR BLOODY JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prosecute, try him, and HANG THIS ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Get it done before he completely RUINS US ALL, and YOU ALONG WITH THE REST OF US, BECAUSE HE WILL!

    • txlady706 says:

      I'm with you, but I would like to add that he could not have done all of this on his own. He's got an entire team to help him. The Democrat party and some Republicans are out right communists or fascists. Be careful what you settle for. Because if this man gets out of office and is not prosecuted for some sort of incompetence or, in my opinion, out right treason, then the AMERICAN people will always have been defeated. The one thing that would reaffirm American culture, the culture of INDIVIDUALISM, is to have JUSTICE and TRUTH stand naked and not the king. Without this American's will forever bare the cross of being duped and OUR justice system FAILING us at such HIGH a level. A travesty carried out in front of their eyes and not having the ability to correct it. Justice – absent. This DEMORALIZES a people and AMERICA will never more be great. She will be dust. And the Globalists (fascists) know it. See – it not OBAMA, per say. It's that they were able to carry it all out without any apology, let alone resistance.

  4. madhatter15 says:

    I don't know why noi one is mentioning thsi but Mitt Romney is not eligible to run, his parents and grandparents were citizens of Mexico when he was born, they have been in Mexico for generations to avoid Poligamy laws in the USA, his Father and Mother are not polygamists but he is not a natural boorn citizen, he keeps saying go look for my Brith certificate, no one is saying Mitt wasn't born here but his parents were not, naturally the media/Fox news or any of them are not saying a word, we can all go after Obama for not being a natural born citizen but Romney gets a pass? Is this our new constitution? I'm a Republican but between Mitt and that nut job Paul Ryan I think I'm pretty much done with the GOP. They are going after my social security, my health care and now my Union Pension, a private Union. they just can't get enough. they robbed us and still its not good enough. 700 billion would have bailed out social securty and medicare, we are the only ones Obama can't get a bail out and now he has reinforcements, This is eactly what the Power elite wanted , to see us broke and on our knees with no homes.

    • TruthBTold says:

      I find these statements amazing! If this person were a true Republican, they would know the facts regarding these propaganda inspired statements. Mitt Romney's parents became citizens, therefore, he is a natural citizen. If what you said were the truth, all those who had parents who came through Ellis Island and then became citizens , would not be citizens themselves. This has been discussed in detail for some time now. As far as those other ridiculous claims, they don't even warrant discussion. You need to pay attention to what our candidates are saying instead of the left-wing people you obviously are listening to.

    • Romney was born in MI also he is not getting rid of medicare didn't you watch any of his speaches you are not a republican cause you are talking like an Idiot Liberal Drone..Romney said he wants to get rid of Obmacare and fix medicare and privitize social security so the government can't get thier grubby hands on it!!

  5. we the people,who are the,real government. i have been calling on all the freedom loving,god fearing groups,all of them,nra,aarp,amac,john birch society,all militias,all american veterans/ come together under one giant freedom umbrella,and vote/kick all these do nothing,lawless,useless,treasonous traders in the government out of office,anyone who knowing allows a treasonous,ineligible upsurp to remain in office,and not do anything to remove the treason,is aiding and abetting this treason to continue,all politicians,who sit back and do nothing to stop or bring charges against said crimes,treason/ineligiblilty/fraud/ so doing are allowing this treason to flourish and continue.also fast and furious border guard brian terry was murdered under the administration of a/g holdup and ovomit and napalitano,and nothing was done about said murder.and a ineligible president who is not eligible to be in office, is treason against we the people,and the constitituion.we the people do here by charge holdup/ovomit/napalitano/homeland security with the wrongful murder of border guard brian terry

  6. r u freakin kiddin me???? since the co-conspirator, john boehner became speaker, how many crimes against the constitution & his OATH, does anyone think barry soetoro has commited?????????????????????????? jesus allah maher, how can the GOP prosecute soetoro, when his FIERCEST protector, besides john roberts, is the FREAKIN SPEAKER !!! simply, UNFREAKIN REAL. anybody feel that their IQ is being attacked?

    • disgusted says:

      My freaking Iq is being attacked, and has been since day one of this disgusting, ape faced peice of trash stepped foot into the White House. It is attacked each and everytime I have to see that ugly face on a tv screen, and listen to his sorry, mouth flap in the process of telling even more whoppers than the one before, and then expecting people WITH an IQ to actually BELEIVE his outright bullsh#%! He has nothing to stand on, except his lies, and he tells so many that it is a great wonder that he can remember one after the other, if he can remember, that is. He can’t say “I did this” now because he said himself “you didn’t build that, someone else did”. So he has done nothing except lie, and that, he can’t blame anyone else for. He DID build this TOWER OF LIES HIMSELF! So if there is anything at all good that has come from his four years of garbage, he had nothing to do with it, because he is incapable of good. All he is capable of is evil and destruction. But…………..there HAS BEEN NOTHING GOOD TO COME FROM HIS TIME IN OFFICE!!!!!!!! So, no one did anything for 3 1/2 years, going on four. No one at all, including the Republicans and Dimocraps. All they have done is argue, blame and bullshit the country! John Crybaby Boner is worthless, useless and has nothing to give anyone, except a river of more tears. Prosecute Oblowjob, now that would be something to see!!! yep, it sure would.

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